Fi Real: new vegan Caribbean restaurant for Old Market

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Fi Real - Sign


A Caribbean vegan and vegetarian restaurant is not something that I’ve seen before, but that’s exactly what 57 West Street in Old Market is now home to, in the form of Fi Real.

Opened on May 18th, the owners’ plan was originally to open the business as a cafe, but the vast amount of space that they have has made them rethink their plans, with an evening food service also available.

Fi Real is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11am to 11pm, and on Fridays from 11am to 5pm (it’s closed on Saturdays). Bar the small posters that were on the window at the time of our visit, there was little on the exterior to indicate that it was open to the public – a huge contrast to the vibrant Caribbean colours and artwork of the inside, not to mention the dancehall music being played over huge speakers.


Fi Real - Interior


Why “Fi Real”? Well, the name is designed to reflect the fact that they use fresh, healthy ingredients, in everything from their juices and smoothies to their cakes and main courses, including taking coconut milk directly from the shell rather than taking the easy alternative.

On the day of our visit, the menu was short, with the choice of a Caribbean Quorn curry or a lentil stew with rice and peas, both priced at £6 to take away or £7 to eat in. A chiller cabinet was stocked with various homemade drinks – pineapple and ginger, kicking ginger, watermelon and the popular Caribbean drink sorrel – while freshly squeezed juices and freshly blended smoothies were also available from the counter.

There was a choice of three vegan cakes – chocolate, a pineapple turnover and a bread pudding – on offer too, making it a place where you can simply stop and have a drink or a piece of cake, or enjoy a more substantial meal.

We’re planning on heading back to review the place properly soon, but were impressed with the freshly made strawberry & banana smoothie, the slice of vegan pineapple turnover cake and the small bottle of the watermelon drink that we tried – and, even better, the bill came to just £6.50.


Fi Real - Watermelon Drink

Fi Real - Smoothie

Fi Real - Pineapple Cake


There may be no signage on the window, but rest assured that you’ll be welcomed like a family member when you go in. Well worth a visit.



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