Bristol Cider Shop launches Cider Festival in a Box service

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Image copyright: Jon Kent

Image copyright: Jon Kent


Publicans, clubs and anyone else looking to hold a cider festival can now take advantage of the Cider Festival in a Box service offered by Bristol Cider Shop.

Launching just in time for the World Cup, this new service will enable anyone to host a cider festival, with detailed tasting notes and a hand-picked selection of award-winning cider and perry included. If you have particular favourites, Bristol Cider Shop will put together a bespoke list for you, or you can order a pre-made selection ‘off the shelf’.

Like everything else in the Bristol Cider Shop, all of the ciders on offer are award-winning and (unlike some of the more commercial brands) are made from 100% fresh cider apple juice. They are all made by small independent producers within 50 miles of Bristol, and are sourced directly from the producers.

Peter Snowman, owner of Bristol Cider Shop, said, “We have so many people asking us to help them organise cider festivals. A lot of publicans and festival organisers are absolute experts when it comes to beer, but they don’t necessarily have the same background in cider. That’s where we come in.”

As well as supplying everything you need to run the festival (except venue and staff) Bristol Cider Shop will also help you to promote it. Every festival using the service will be featured on their website, in addition to being promoted through their social media pages, their monthly newsletter and in the shop itself.

The Cider Festival in a Box service can be delivered to anywhere in mainland UK, with Bristol Cider Shop aiming to make ‘real cider’ more accessible all over the country. The service is already proving popular in London and beyond, and while a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is preferred, they may be able to pull together smaller orders within a shorter timeframe.

For more information see or call 0117 382 1679.


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