Cadbury lets commuters “Unwrap Joy” with interactive game

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As much as I’m glad I moved away from London almost 5 years ago, there’s still lots of interesting stuff going on in the capital that I miss in Bristol! One such thing is football (I kept my Arsenal season ticket for my first year in Bristol, but the travelling got too much…), but I also love all of the random public marketing campaigns that regularly take place across the city.

One such recent campaign was the two-day stunt organised by Cadbury at Waterloo station, which was designed to support their on-pack “Unwrap Joy” campaign. Cadbury took a huge screen at the train station, which they used to give commuters the chance to win whatever gives them joy…made out of chocolate.

Using the Twitter hashtag #FreeTheJoy, live video meant that commuters appeared on the screen, along with images of items made of chocolate. The augmented reality stunt saw these chocolatey images moving across the screen, with commuters encouraged to flick or kick the items to win Wispa or Dairy Milk bars.

We’re used to seeing promotions staff giving out free samples of products in public places – even in Bristol – but creating such a fun campaign around the chocolate (and encouraging people to interact on social media using the designated hashtag) was a great idea – more of this in Bristol, please!

Watch the video below to see how Cadbury got Waterloo station involved…



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