Cafe Grounded, Bedminster: Review

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Entering competitions is a hobby of mine – I’ve won thousands of pounds’ worth of prizes over the last few years, so it’s well worth the effort! One of my latest competition prizes was a pizza at Cafe Grounded on Bedminster Parade, thanks to a Twitter competition that they ran. Despite not being far from our flat, it was somewhere I’d never eaten until that point, although I regularly enjoyed morning coffees from their Brislington outlet when I worked in that neck of the woods. At the time of writing, Grounded had five outlets: Horfield, Redfield and Corsham sitting alongside the two aforementioned venues.

Open from breakfast right through to dinner, Grounded seems a little incongruous with its rather shabby-looking surroundings. The bright, airy restaurant features a long bar complete with salad counter and a display of cakes and pastries, along with a selection of wines, spirits, soft and hot drinks behind the bar.

Low tables and comfy armchairs cater for the coffee and drinking crowds, while regular wooden tables and chairs are plentiful for those looking for a bite to eat. Children are catered for with books, games, changing facilities and their own menu. Blackboards along one wall highlight the current menu offerings, which include produce from local businesses MJ Dalton in Horfield, Herbert’s Bakery in St Werburghs, Clifton Coffee, Bath Ales, Stewart Wines and Luscombe Organic Drinks, who are based in Devon. Grounded do, however, source their cured meats, flour and cheeses from an Italian supplier, to give an authentic Italian flavour.

There’s no denying that the evening menu at Grounded is extensive – I’d say too much so. Their stone-baked pizzas sit alongside wraps, burgers, tapas dishes and more; while the children’s menu offers the normal selection of “child-friendly” meals such as breaded chicken bites and spaghetti bolognese. However, children do also have smaller pizzas named after cartoons on offer: but while the name “Despicable Meat” may appeal to children, it may not be the impression that Grounded are really looking to give…

Head over there between Sunday and Wednesday, and when you pay for a large pizza, you’ll also be able to enjoy a free garlic bread and house salad to accompany your meal. With the large pizzas sized at 14″, this is easily a generous meal for two for under £14 for most large pizzas.

Gluten-free pizza bases are available on request, while vegan cheese can also be ordered. Pizzas are divided into Veggy, Fishy and Meaty categories on the menu, with a wider range of more interesting topping combinations than can be found at most pizza places.

“A Fishful Of Dollars” was my eventual choice, after much deliberation (£11.75 for a 12″ pizza, £13.75 for a 14″ pizza). Combining anchovies, sundried tomatoes, capers, mozzarella, chillies and mushrooms, it may not be to everyone’s tastes but was full of flavours that I love. The pizza base was perfect, with a crunch on the outside and pillowy-soft in the middle. Toppings were generous and well-distributed, although the cheese could potentially have been spread out a little better.


Cafe Grounded Bedminster - Pizza 1

Cafe Grounded Bedminster - Pizza 2


The garlic bread featured the same beautiful base, and a thin layer of pungent garlic that was marred slightly by an over-excessive use of salt. The rosemary added a great touch, though.


Cafe Grounded Bedminster - Garlic Bread


To be honest, the house salad was nothing to write home about: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion and croutons with a gloopy Dijon dressing. Oh, and a long stray hair, which was a little concerning…


Cafe Grounded Bedminster - Side Salad


Unable to finish the whole meal, the rest was boxed up with no fuss for us to enjoy at home.

Cafe Grounded also offer a delivery service, available locally for an extra £2 on top of standard prices. Based on the quality of the pizza, I’d definitely consider going back – especially on one of their deal evenings. I’ve had better side dishes, but it’s clear that they know their pizza.


Please note: this meal was won in a competition, but in no way impacted on our opinion. We were not obliged to write a positive review, and the company did not see this review before it was put up on the site.



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