Clifton Lido Funds Cookery Training for Primary Schools

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Clifton Lido School Cookery


Following on a successful year as Clifton Lido’s good cause for 2013-14, funds raised by Lido will assist two primary schools to join Square Food Foundation’s unique programme: How to Teach Cooking in Your School.

The programme supports schools implementing new National Curriculum requirements; teaching hands-on cooking in schools. This is a professional development course for teachers with a whole school approach.

Applications are open to Bristol Primary Schools for a funded programme; training and empowering teachers to deliver cooking lessons embedded in the curriculum.

Interested schools should write to for an application form, with a deadline of November 14th for submitted applications.

The National Curriculum is changing – requiring all primary schools to teach hands on cooking. Square Food are thrilled that the School Food Plan states that ‘instilling a love of cooking in pupils will also open the door to one of the great expressions of creativity.’ Square Food Foundation is playing a central role in supporting Bristol’s schools to achieve this. The Foundation’s Primary Schools Programme empowers teachers to teach cookery in the classroom, developing skills, techniques, recipes and confidence.

Square Food wish to work with teachers from across the city; thereby sowing the seeds of change for generations to come, reaching children far and wide – turning the tide and reinstating cooking as a lifelong skill.

Following the successful pilot with Knowle Park Primary and Victoria Park Primary Square Food are now working with other primary schools; embedding cookery in the whole school. Square Food would like to offer two partially funded places to two additional, really committed primary schools.

“You are taking it beyond the safe zone, you are taking it to proper cooking skills.”
Holymead School Governor

“Amazing, fabulous, delicious, and helpful!”
Child from Knowle Park Primary

“I didn’t like it, I loved it.” “I don’t like broccoli, but I liked that!”
Children from Victoria Park Primary

“We are delighted that Lido, its staff and members have been able to support Square Food over the last year – and that this programme will provide a lasting legacy of our partnership, supporting food education in schools across the city”
Mark Thwaites, General Manager, Clifton Lido


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