How can mixology be applied to granola?

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‘Mixology’ is the latest buzz word in culinary circles. It can mean different things to different people, but the underlying ethos involves mixing and matching diverse ingredients to create new and exciting recipes. Often the term mixology is used to refer to the art of mixing cocktails or drinks – something that’s also very much a science. Experienced bar staff are able to tweak their list of ingredients to suit the customer’s taste buds; a bit like medieval alchemists, they can conjure up a spellbinding taste experience from everyday ingredients.

The Art of Creativity

The principles of mixology can be used to create new recipes from ingredients that would not ordinarily be paired together. Say for example a chestnut stuffing recipe calls for breadcrumbs, but you don’t have any bread – you can substitute a different stuffing ingredient (one that is compatible) for the breadcrumbs and still end up with a delicious meal. Granola is one such ingredient.

The beauty of granola is that it is incredibly versatile. Whilst many of us know and love granola as our morning breakfast cereal, there are plenty of other ways it can be used. Mixologists tend to push the limits of classic bartending – concocting new, exotic drinks and experimenting with new flavours.

So we thought we’d blend the two together! Here’s what we’ve come up with:

The Cosmopolitan

Add a touch of glamour to your morning with our take on the classic girls’ night out cocktail. Top your granola with dried cranberries and lime zest, and serve with yoghurt or milk alongside a glass of orange juice. Alternatively, why not try adding granola to a breakfast smoothie made with fresh cranberries, orange and yoghurt for a delicious and nutritious start to your day.

If you like Pina Coladas…

…Then why not try our version of Puerto Rico’s national drink in breakfast form? Top some Jordans Simply Granola with some dried pineapple, honey and desiccated coconut and serve with vanilla yoghurt for a creamy, coconutty flavour that will give you energy to get you ready to hit the beach (or your desk at work!)

Ginger Mojitos

Or how about this twist on a classic cocktail recipe, which is perfect for winter mornings. Drizzle some stem ginger syrup over your bowl of granola, or scatter the top with candied ginger and a few mint leaves for a bit of colour and warmth. Similarly, you could stir some lime curd in with your yoghurt and top your granola with the stem ginger syrup and mint leaves so those signature mojito flavours really come through.

The possibilities for mixing granola with a wide range of different ingredients and toppings are quite literally endless. Granola goes with just about any recipe, although it lends itself particularly well to sweet ingredients. When crushed or blended, granola can also be added to drinks and smoothies – you can even add granola to coffee if you want some extra flavour in your morning latte. So start experimenting, get creative, and see what you can do with a trusty bag of granola. There is sure to be a recipe to suit everyone.



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