Best pizza in Bristol – the top 5…

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If you’re looking for the best pizza in Bristol, here’s a run-down of our top five. In no particular order (and based purely on our opinion!), here are five must-try places for a great pizza in the city. This list will change on a regular basis…


A Cappella, Wells Road

Bases with a great consistency and texture, generous toppings and an intimate atmosphere…read our review here.


Allegretto Pizza

The “Allegretto” Pizza


Piazza di Roma, Whiteladies Road

Handstretched, stone-baked pizza bases, generous toppings and a variety of different options. Read our review here.


Piazza di Roma - Pizza

The “Fiorentina” pizza


The Stable, Harbourside

Locally sourced and high quality toppings. Pizza bases very different – thin and super crispy. Review here.


The Stable - Portishead Piggy

The “Portishead Piggy” pizza


Cafe Grounded, Bedminster Parade

I love Cafe Grounded because of the variety of their toppings – there’s plenty to choose from that’s very different from the norm. They also have a great Sunday-Wednesday deal where for the price of a large pizza, you also get a garlic pizza bread and a salad. Review here.


Cafe Grounded Bedminster - Pizza 2

“A Fishful Of Dollars” pizza



Light and fluffy dough, decent toppings and a tomato and herb sauce rather than plain tomato on the base. They have a great early bird deal too, where you can enjoy one of a selection of their pizzas for just £6.95 from 12.30-6.30 Monday to Friday, or from 12-5 on Saturdays. Review here – please note that this review is of the Bedminster branch, which is now closed…


Bottelino's Bedminster - Pizza Close Up

The “Bottelino’s” pizza


This list will be updated as and when we try other places – let us know if you have any recommendations! 

12 Responses to Best pizza in Bristol – the top 5…

  1. Would recommend Bocabar on Bath Road x

  2. Bosco on Whiteladies is really good, as is Al Bacio by Victoria Rooms!

    • Haven’t tried Al Bacio for pizza, but their pasta dishes are fantastic! Bosco is on the “to try” list too… 🙂

  3. My favourite is Marco’s Olive Branch

  4. That’s a very good point, I don’t think I ever had pizza in Bristol! Have crossed the stables a few times, but never went in. Thanks for the list

  5. I think you need to get yourself to Flour and Ash very soon!

  6. Napolita in St Werburgh’s deserves a place in the top five. Really good, reasonably priced stone-baked pizza .

  7. Pizza Palace, next door to the Hippodrome ticket shop.

  8. Flour & Ash would be hard to better for imaginative toppings and overnight dough.

  9. Mission Pizza are simply the best in the South West for me. Check them out on the Twitter & Facewash.

  10. The pizza at Pinkmans on Park Street is hard to beat but after that I would go to the White Rabbit pub in Gordon Road.

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