Healthy nutrition and its impact on your life

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We are indeed lucky to live in a world of choices today – even when it comes to food and healthy eating habits. We are more aware these days that eating habits that are unsuited to us (on an individual basis) can cause havoc in what should be healthy lives.




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When looking at a list of healthy restaurants in the Bristol area, the options are great. Most of us enjoy fast food with lots and lots of ‘’nice’’ goodies added, but for the sake of our health it is important to understand that the so-called ‘’healthy’’ options can be delicious too!
For tasty treats try the Big Banana Juice Bar or Blue Juice, if you like a nutritious fruit drink. Boston Tea Party believes in preparing organic meals, while YO! Sushi concentrates on nutritional and health aspects all year round. A very interesting choice (with meat and fish dishes on display on an open grill for you to choose from) is Lona Grill and Juice Bar. It offers tasty, authentic Lebanese cuisine and a great choice of fresh fruit juices (healthy – see?). The mezze dishes are very appetising too. The list is endless; there is a restaurant to cater to every taste.

However, before you jump on the nutrition train, let’s look to the pros for some inspiration and follow up with some healthy tips.






The ‘’wrong’’ or a “bad” diet can cause great misery. Ask Novak Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players and multiple winner of the most sought-after tournaments of the last decade. After it was established that Novak was highly sensitive to wheat and dairy products, the player went on a gluten-free diet, initially for 2 weeks only. The results were immediate. Needless to say that Djokovic now is a strict believer in a gluten-free regimen. A word of warning, though: just because it works for one person, does NOT mean everybody should follow suit. Be sure to have a doctor confirm you’re intolerant before you too avoid wheat and dairy! Following a “strict” gluten-free diet may deprive your body of very important nutrients.






Most competitive people understand the value of good nutrition, and by that we don’t mean only athletes. Take, for instance, poker player Martins Adeniya. Becoming more and more prominent in his field all the time, he certainly believes that a healthy body is a prerequisite for a healthy, quick mind. Martins understands the importance of a good breakfast and regular water intake to help him concentrate and stay alert at the poker table. And he’s not alone; many of the world’s top poker pros credit their success on the felt to proper nutrition. Bristol will have a great opportunity to play host to the UK & Ireland Poker Tour later this year (August 6 – 9), so watch out for some stars. You are likely to bump into some of them at your local (most likely healthy) eatery.






Coffee? Sure, I’d like another cup! Not so fast, if you’re to believe what Naomi Mead, well-known nutritional therapist, has to say about too much of our favourite drink. A cup, even 2 a day, is fine (even good), but more than that may put you at risk of an irritable tummy. It can also adversely affect the body’s ability to absorb good nutrients.



Of course, like in any field, myths are aplenty when it comes to good/not-so-good foods. According to Julie Upton, registered dietician and co-founder of Appetite for Health, coconut oil should NOT be used to replace other, healthier, oils such as rapeseed or sunflower; it has high quantities of saturated fat which is NOT good for us. Julie further believes that saturated fats ARE linked to heart disease (as opposed to a ‘’new’’ school of thought that would like us to believe differently). This is why it’s important to avoid saturated fats and consume more natural products, such as the honey that Gold Bee and similar companies provide. These natural and organic options are great for keeping cholesterol low. It is fact that people with an acceptable BMI (those who are not overweight or obese) lead happier, healthier lives.



Bristol offers (apart from its fine selection of good restaurants) various other possibilities when it comes to healthy eating. Not all of us visit restaurants every day; to buy good, healthy (and tasty) food you can always visit the Bristol food markets for a choice of fresh vegetables and fruit. You also have a choice of health food shops in and around the city. A good example is ScoopAway on Gloucester Road where you’ll find a wonderful range of natural food supplements, even organic teas and coffee, herbs and spices. UWE provides online information with great ideas on how to stay healthy by eating properly and by offering free demonstrations and recipes. Pop in at the Farmers’ Market to buy the best!

Stay healthy! Eat well!


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  1. I think a balance is best, everything in moderation. I like to be naughty sometimes and have that big piece of chocolate fudge cake hehe but I do have a habit more so now of worrying about the saturated fat content in my food

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