Hot Pot Cinema, Hamilton House, October 21st

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The 21st October sees the launch of the Hot Pot Cinema at Hamilton House: dubbed the ultimate cinema experience, it boasts a silent film, live score and a meal to share.

Imagine seeing an old silent movie brought to life, a beautiful work of art from the beginning of the 20th century fused with electronic sounds and a live show. Add to that a wonderful film-inspired feast designed to share with friends, and you have the Hot Pot Cinema.

This event is not simply about a concert, film or food, this is the whole package and truly a feast for all the senses. Watching a film score performed live is a unique spine-tingling experience, something that won’t be forgotten, and definitely an event not to be missed. The beauty of a classic silent film given a new lease of life over 100 years later, brought up-to-date with an electronic soundtrack, is something that simply has to be seen.

The film to be shown is ‘Cabiria’: an epic 1914 Italian classic from the silent era directed by Giovanni Pastrone. The film has been characterised as the first epic film ever made, and, according to Martin Scorsese, saw the first use of the moving camera.

The soundtrack has been composed by Epistrophe Smith, an exciting electronic musician who will be performing his score live along to the epic film. The live performance will be recorded and an album ‘Soundtrack to a Silent Film’ will be released off the back of it (release date early 2016).

And the food? Well, this first edition of the Hot Pot Cinema will be influenced by the amazing sharing banquets that make the Italians so infamous in the gastronomic world.

If you’re looking for the ultimate cinema experience with wonderful food to share, and have a love of electronic music (think along the lines of Bonobo, Fourtet, Jon Hopkins and Nils Frahm), then this is for you. Hamilton House event manager Danny Balla says: “Epistrophe Smith’s music is electronica alive with ambition… it wants to take you on a journey and play; and that’s what it does – with infectious curiosity.”

Tickets are on sale now from £8-15 at and to get a taste of what you can expect, watch the film trailer by clicking here.


Get Involved

To help this project be as successful as possible event organisers have created an inspiring crowdfunder campaign to raise the £1,000 needed, and for everyone to get involved.  There are some exciting exclusive awards for pledges including music downloads, signed album artwork, and tickets to the live performance with a meal and a bottle of wine!  The crowdfunding campaign goes live on Sunday 16th August at 11am at this link:


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