Khao & Bao: Opening soon on Baldwin Street

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Khao & Bao


After 3 years of selling the best baos in the business, Baowow is going back to its street food roots to bring something extra to the evening dining scene. With the paint barely dry at her iconic sister restaurant Bangkok Joe’s, the team are giving some foodie love to Baowow, turning it into Khao & Bao. They’ll be offering fast-paced Khao and Bao dishes at lunch, and a space to relax in a sub-tropical paradise in the evenings.

Baowow became a Bristol institution, but owner Som Miller still saw space for more “We have a great crowd of people at lunch who love the food and the pace, but street food isn’t always about pace, it’s about doing awesome things with great ingredients. We’ve kept the fast-paced lunches, but added a little more theatre, some beautiful khao dishes and a much better space to kick back and enjoy in the evenings”

Khaos are rice dishes that feature marinated meats and sauces, made to authentic recipes from Som’s 30 years’ experience in kitchens across the world. “The khao dishes are exciting because people can bring together their own combinations of flavours – from the meats and marinades to the sauces and textures, you can create a dish you love”, said Som.

The new restaurant will have additional seating, a sub-tropical vibe with hanging palm leaves and décor that echoes the Oriental flavours coming from the open kitchen. Lunch times will still be fast and theatrical, with Bao’s staple dishes still on offer, but the evenings will offer a chance to relax and enjoy the food and atmosphere of a great city centre restaurant.

To stay up to date with opening plans, follow Khao & Bao on Twitter. And don’t forget to sign up for the launch here – there are free baos on offer…


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