Goatober Feast, Hamilton House: Thursday, October 5th

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Goatober is the UK’s month-long celebration of the dairy billy goat meat industry. During the month of October, restaurants across the country are putting a goat dish on their menus and urging diners to try this delicious but much under-used meat, which is a waste product of the goat dairy industry. Roasted, raw, curried, baked, skewered, stuffed into a sausage…there’s an event at Hamilton House this October that aims to showcase just how delicious and versatile goat meat can be.

Chef Matt Williamson, formerly of Flinty Red, will be cooking up a 5-course goat-based feast at Hamilton House for Goatober Bristol on Thursday, October 5th. The evening will begin at 7.30pm, with the menu reading as follows:


Kid Samosa

Kid Raan with Onion Raita

Nanny Rogan Josh with Buttermilk Okra

Kid, Dried Cherry & Almond Biryani

Goats Milk Rosewater Kulfi


Tickets are £40 per person and can be booked here.

#Goatober UK has been launched by ethical meat champion and producer James Whetlor from Cabrito Goat Meat. The original #Goatober was launched in America in 2010 and was the brainchild of Heritage Radio Network Executive Director, Erin Fairbanks, and New York cheesemonger, Anne Saxelby. It is now an annual campaign every year in October which sees Heritage Foods USA partner with goat dairies around upstate New York and Vermont to purchase their unwanted males. Over 50 New York City restaurants feature goat on their menu for the full month of October, and the campaign’s success continues to grow. Goatober was first launched in London 2016 at The Jugged Hare in Barbican and saw over 40 restaurants take part. This year there are events in Bristol, London, Manchester, Northern Ireland and Somerset.


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