The Best Apps to Use When Travelling

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Contributed to Bristol Bites by Paul Majot


Travelling anywhere, even for not so long, can be very boring for some people. They often look for things to do so that time passes quicker and smartphones, both IOS and Android bases, can be your best friend in this situation. People take smartphones with them everywhere they go these days and with the varied amount of apps that are available, there is no need to suffer from boredom again. So let’s take a look at which apps you should be installing and why.


When it comes to staving off boredom, chatting with friends and sharing videos, pictures and sound clips can be a lifesaver. Instant messaging has been hugely popular for years and with WhatsApp you have the most popular cross-platform service around. It works on both IOS and Android, and you can even make voice and video calls too. You must make sure you have a working data connection before setting off though.


Want to avoid having a disappointing dinner experience on your holiday? Zomato will make sure you will enjoy the best meal possible with very little effort involved. After all their motto is “Never have a bad meal”. The app can used across 10,000 cities in 24 different countries. They even offer a handy in-app chat feature where the Zomato team can be easily reached for any order-related queries.


Traffic is a real bugbear for a lot of people as it only adds extra time onto their journey, meaning they’ll reach their destination later than planned. The Waze app, owned by Google, works in a very similar way to Google Maps. Users can share traffic information that will then provide real-time updates for other users who may be heading to or via that area. It’s a great way to avoid delays, especially in new and unfamiliar places. Again the app is cross-platform and works on both IOS and Android.

Unibet Casino

A lot of people enjoy some entertainment on the move and what better way than visiting a casino to spin the reels and win money while travelling? The Unibet Casino app is well presented and simple to use with a whole raft of options that allows players to get playing within a matter of seconds. Imagine being bored on your travels but ending your journey a lot better off than when you started it.


The weather is one thing the majority of people check before leaving home. They want to know what the weather is going to be like in order to dress appropriately and to know whether a coat or an umbrella are required for example. The Accuweather app gives users an up to date weather forecasts for the local area over the short and long term. Whether you want a minute by minute guide or a 7 day forecast you need look no further.


Tinder has shot to fame recently as the must-have app when it comes to meeting people. It’s the app that coined the phrases of swiping left and right and no other app comes close for the purpose it serves. So if you’re on your travels and you’re looking to meet someone or you just want to pass time, Tinder is definitely an app to consider. It’s available on both IOS and Android as you’d expect.


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