Bristol Cider Shop launch new Cider Tasting Kit!

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Bristol Cider Shop Cider Tasting Kit High Res


Looking for a Christmas gift for a cider lover in your life? Look no further, as Bristol Cider Shop have launched a new Cider Tasting Kit!

Bristol Cider Shop, who you’ll find in Cargo 1 at Wapping Wharf, have taken the key elements of their Introduction to Cider and put them in a box, so cider fans can hold their own tasting sessions at home. Each kit contains 10 award-winning ciders, along with a miniature of cider brandy, a tasting glass and a specially written Cider Tasting Guide, which gives background information about each of the ciders included.

Designed by the Bristol Cider Shop team themselves, it’s a great introduction to real cider and a fantastic idea for a Christmas present. As far as they’re aware, it’s the only cider tasting kit out there, so it’s pretty unique too!

Priced at £39.50, the Cider Tasting Kit is available from the Bristol Cider Shop at Cargo 1 at Wapping Wharf, or from their website by clicking here. Enjoy!


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