Big changes for Oowee Diner on Picton Street…

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Oowee Diner Picton Street

Image from the Oowee Diner Facebook page


There are big changes afoot for Oowee Diner on Picton Street – which will be welcome news for vegetarians and vegans, but not so much for Bristol’s carnivores.

In a Facebook post on July 8th, the team announced that this branch of the popular dirty burger restaurant will be closed permanently with immediate effect, three years after opening and gaining rave reviews for its truly filthy burgers and loaded fries.

In August, though, the site will be reopening as Oowee Vebab: a 100% vegan kebab shop, with their kebab “meats”, pickled chillies, sauces, salads and breads made in-house. And if you’re not a kebab fan, there will be vegan cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, dirty fries and sides on offer, too.

The news comes on the back of the success of Oowee Vegan on Baldwin Street, which is proving popular with meat eaters and vegans/vegetarians alike. If you still want the meaty offerings, though, the team have confirmed that the North Street branch of Oowee Diner will remain the same (although we didn’t have the best experience last time we visited).

In comments on the Facebook post announcing the decision, there’s some real polarisation of opinions. While there are plenty of positives (“omfg vegan kebab?!?!?!” and “dying to check out the vegan kebab now”, to name but a few), there seem to be more who are devastated at the team’s decision. “Can’t you just open another restaurant?” asked one commenter. “Worst news I’ve ever received”, said another. “Not even any notice for me to get one last burger there”, wailed a third.

Good luck to the Oowee team with the transformation!



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