Exciting cargo at Underfall Yard on September 21st!

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Exciting cargo at Underfall Yard on September 21st!


On Saturday, September 21st, Underfall Yard will welcome sailing vessel Gallant, of the Blue Schooner Company, to deliver a cargo of wine, olive oil and more – available for you to order in advance and collect on the day.

This produce comes from a growing community of sail cargo pioneers: a group of sailors, farmers, traders and foodies who are leading the way in transporting products, people and ideas across the oceans using sail power alone – proving that a fossil fuel-free future really can be possible.

The ship will be received by New Dawn Traders and Port O’Bristol (Xisto Wines), who are collecting orders for the produce, and planning the unloading events. They’re looking forward to seeing plenty of locals turning up for the event to collect their wine, chocolate, olive oil, coffee, almonds, spices and more directly from the ship, which will be docked outside the Pickle Cafe in Underfall Yard.

In addition, there will be wine tastings, workshops, ship tours, talks and music on the day.

You can see the list of available products here – and you can also pre-order to collect on the day. By pre-ordering and paying upfront, collecting directly from the ship, you’ll be investing in its voyage. This way of working means that there will be no need for onward distribution, storage or retail marketing…and the cost savings will be passed on to the buyers. The aim? To make quality products affordable and still pay the producers a fair price, growing a market for ethical produce, shipped by sail – one community at a time.

The ship itself has its own amazing history, too. The Gallant was first built in Holland in 1916, and originally sailed as a fishing lugger on the North Sea. After a varied century-long career, it was bought by the Blue Schooner Company, who have put it back to work as a sailing vessel. For those involved, it’s not just about creating an alternative to the shipping industry – it’s a lifestyle that builds a sense of community across both oceans and borders.

To find out more about the event, visit the Facebook page.


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