Om Burger to open in Stokes Croft this October

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Om Burger Stokes Croft


This October, Nick Makin and Rory Perriment – the team behind Burger Theory – will be bringing vegetarian and vegan burger restaurant Om Burger to Stokes Croft.

Described as “a place for creative, delicious and nutritious food that feeds the soul”, Om Burger is the pair’s second restaurant, and aims to bring vegetarian and vegan food to the masses.

The burger menu certainly looks exciting, with options including the Mac 11 (a “beef” patty with American cheese, Mac 11 burger sauce, chipotle mayo, gherkin relish and crispy onions), the B’frazzled (Frazzle crusted “chicken” patty with American cheese, BBQ sauce and house pickles) and the Falafel Baba (broccoli falafel, beetroot bun, garlic mayo, house slaw, kebab shop chilli sauce, tahini sauce, grilled halloumi and pickled chilli). In addition, the menu will offer breakfast, fresh juice, loaded fries, sides, espressos, healthy drinks, craft beer, slushies and more.

Food will be sourced locally to keep food miles low. There will also be no plastic packaging. In the restaurant itself, there’s space for forty-six diners inside and a further ten on the outdoor terrace overlooking Stokes Croft – and they’ll be on Deliveroo and Uber Eats, too.

Rory says, “Over the years at Burger Theory, we have loved getting creative with vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The challenge of creating flavour, taste, and texture with only vegetables is lots of fun, and in an ever-changing world, it has become more and more important to us to do our bit. We wanted to progress the business in a more ethical direction and felt that our vegetarian cuisine deserved its own home! Om Burger has been a year in the making and it’s been an exciting journey. I really hope people love what we do!”

Nick adds, “Since joining Rory at Burger Theory almost 5 years ago I have loved developing and fine-tuning my skills in an environmentally aware and cook from scratch kitchen. We have reached this new chapter with a strong ethos of fresh and consciously sourced produce therefore we believe vegetarian and vegan cuisine is the obvious and very positive next step. We both love a fresh challenge and this one is definitely going to be fresh.

“In the time I have been a part of Burger Theory I have become a dad of two very wonderful children, who myself and my partner are raising on a vegetarian diet until they can decide what they think is best. We are doing this not because we necessarily want them to be vegetarian, but so they are very aware of their food choices they will have to make in life and the impact this has on the world. Therefore, for me not only is this significant for us as a business but also personally. The family have enjoyed exciting food experiments at home, I hope you will like what we have come up with!”

Head to the website for the full menu and to find out more – and to sign up to the Om Burger newsletter. Doing so will entitle you to 50% off for the month of October, so it’s well worth doing!

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