About Us

Emily Knight, owner of Bristol Bites

Emily Knight, owner of Bristol Bites

Welcome to the new Bristol Bites website! I’m Emily – originally from Essex, followed by five years in London, and I’ve now been living in Bristol since August 2009.

As you’ve probably guessed, I have a keen interest in food: its sources and origins, cooking, eating out and – most importantly – finding new ways of expanding my knowledge and experience in this area.

Bristol Bites originally started as a blog in January 2010. When I began, I hadn’t been in Bristol for a huge amount of time, and was keen to spend more time exploring the area in which I live, so that it felt more and more like home.

I don’t think I had realised just how much Bristol has to offer, and so decided to create a blog on the subject – not only to catalogue my own journey, but to share my discoveries with others, and hopefully learn from these others too!

In 2011, the decision was made to create a new improved Bristol Bites site, with the aim of becoming “the definitive guide to food and drink in Bristol”, offering those living in and visiting Bristol a single source for all of the information that they need.

The aim of this site is to keep Bristolians – and visitors – up-to-date with what’s happening in the foodie world in their area. I’ve never worked in the food industry (well, apart from waitressing) and I have no desire to be a food writer: what I want to do is to represent the view of the “man on the street”, providing information about Bristol’s food and drink scene that resonates with everyone. So, if you’re a Bristol-based restaurant, shop, supplier who has something to shout about – or anyone who’s made a great foodie discovery in this city that they want to share – then drop me an email at emily@bristolbites.co.uk and let me know! :)