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I’m sure it’s not just my friends and I who have been using the recent sunny spell as an excuse to have as many barbecues as possible. And I’m sure it’s not just my friends and I who are getting a little bored of barbecueing the same things, week in, week out.

I think this may all be about to change after seeing an advert in July’s issue of Area Magazine. Welsh Back-based Indian restaurant Myristica are now offering a barbecue range: a selection of marinated Indian meats and fish that can be taken home and prepared on the barbecue.

Their barbecue selection costs £7.50 per person, with a minimum order of four people. Their 4 person box includes one each of lamb kebabs, lamb chops, fish kebabs, chicken tikka and garlic chicken kebabs, plus two dips. Vegetarian options such as veggie skewers and paneer are available on request. All of the meats are pre-marinated and ready just to put on the barbecue and cook.

Orders can then be collected from their restaurant on Welsh Back or delivered to your door – free of charge if you live within a 3 mile radius, or for £10 if you live further away. They do need 24 hours’ notice before collection/delivery, so bear this in mind when ordering!

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