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Easter is later than normal this year, taking place over the weekend of April 22nd to 25th. The dates mean that not only do we have two weekends of Bank Holidays in a row, but also that you’ve still got a lot of time to buy Easter chocolates for friends and family, if you’re that way inclined!

Below is a guide to the best places to buy your Easter eggs and chocolates in Bristol, if you’re looking for something a little different to the norm…


Gorgeous Georges:

Head to Bristol-based Georgina’s website to see her fabulous Easter range! Her beautiful marbled, thick-shelled hollow Easter eggs are handmade and hand decorated, and come in both milk and dark varieties, and cost just £10 each.

For something a little different, why not buy one of her solid chocolate chickens as a gift? These are available in either milk or white chocolate, and are priced at just £5 for a 6cm high chicken – I’ve got one at home and he’s too beautiful to eat!








Lick The Spoon:

A company that only made it onto my radar very recently, Lick The Spoon make their chocolate in Corsham, Wiltshire. As well as having a dedicated shop in Cirencester, their products can be bought in a variety of locations throughout the South West, including Harvey Nichols in Cabot Circus.

If you head to Harvey Nichols, you can buy the Easter Chicks (£7.95) and Egg & Spoons (£11.95) from their Easter range – check out their website for more fab products including chocolate egg & chips(!) and some beautiful chocolate lollipops with a fried egg design.


Swinky Sweets:

Park Street’s Swinky Sweets have a fantastic range of Easter gifts this year. Best known as they are for cupcakes, they’ve developed two Easter varieties: an Easter Nest variety, and a Creme Egg cupcake, with a cracked Creme Egg nestled on top.

In addition, shop manager Jennie has made some fabulous chocolate eggs, each of which is crafted byt hand and filled with a selection of sweets of homemade confections from the shop’s shelves. Her “Jazzie Egg” also sounds fantastic – decorated with handmade chocolate jazzies and filled with them too, for just £7.50 for a small or £10 for a large egg.



Small Street chocolatier Guilbert’s are offering 100% handmade Easter eggs in three different sizes: small (£4.20), medium (£8.75) and large (£13.75). The small eggs contain chocolate drops, while the medium and large eggs contain Guilbert’s chocolates.

Eggs can be purchased from their store at 16/17 Small Street, The Mall newsagents in Clifton Village , Southville Deli or online via their website.


Any other recommendations for purchasing Easter chocolates, eggs and other sweet treats locally? Let us know in the comments box below! 🙂

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