The Big Park Street Royal Wedding Weekend

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Every so often, you see something advertised in a random place and can’t find any additional information about it anywhere online. This goes for the Big Park Street Royal Wedding Weekend, as advertised…on the back of a toilet door in The Botanist.

The photo below is all the information I have, but it looks like a great chance to bag yourself some discounts at various food and drink venues (and shops, of course) on Park Street, including Swinky Sweets, Jamie’s Italian, Park Street Cafe and The Botanist.

If I find out anything else, I’ll post details here!



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  1. That's the Badger!!/event.php?eid=

    More updates from participating stores over the next few weeks!

  2. Get the free iPhone 'Royal Wedding Invite' app.

    Loads of info, history and photos of the couple and wedding.

    Not long now! Prince William and Kate Middleton #royalwedding

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