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Free this evening? Feel strongly about the Stokes Croft Tesco? Fancy a tea party? Join the crowd outside the Stokes Croft Tesco tonight for a peaceful tea party, being held in order to demonstrate that the majority of the community want Tesco to leave…

There’ll be plenty of people there between 5 and 6pm, bringing tea, cake, musical instruments, fancy dress and whatever else takes their fancy. The media will also be out in force, so it’ll be a great chance for those who feel strongly about the issue to get their point across in a peaceful and positive way.

This tea party precedes a key part of the campaign this Wednesday, when a convoy will travel to Cardiff Court for a hearing to insist on a judicial review of the Council’s decision to allow Tesco to open.

For more information on the judicial review (and the campaign as a whole), visit www.notescoinstokescroft.org.uk.

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