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More changes at the top in Wikio‘s top UK food blogs for July! The full rankings will be published tomorrow (July 5th), but read on for a sneak preview of the top 20 food blogs in their Gastronomy category for this month…

The site publishes monthly rankings of top blogs in a variety of categories, with rankings based on the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs. You can see the full listings for the Gastronomy category by clicking this link.

The top 20 has seen some changes this month: Fuss Free Flavours has now gone up from 2nd to 1st, with Chocablog jumping from 5th to 3rd. New entries have also appeared in the top 20, with Cheese And Biscuits rising from 27th to 10th, and He-Eats from 21st to 15th.

The full top 20, as published by Wikio, is below…

1 Fuss Free Flavours
2 Maison Cupcake
3 Chocablog
4 englishmum.com
5 eat like a girl
6 The English Can Cook
7 Cook Sister!
8 Food Stories
9 www.Prepped.co.uk
10 Cheese and Biscuits
11 Tinned Tomatoes
12 Belleau Kitchen
13 meemalee’s kitchen
14 Chocolate Log Blog
15 He-Eats
16 Utterly Scrumptious Food For Families
17 Feeding boys and a firefighter
18 Fresh from the oven
19 The Pink Whisk
20 Hollow Legs

Ranking made by Wikio

8 thoughts on “Sneak preview: Top 20 food blogs in the UK for July”

  1. Yes, there are some changes but not major ones..I am yet to see any big changes in this list like some new blogs entering this top list… BTW you have a good rank! Well done!

    1. It's always interesting to see the changes each month…but you're right, it does seem to be a lot of the same blogs coming in and out of the list!

      And thank you! Having a look at yours now… 🙂

  2. Is gastronomy not food and drink,together rather than just food. (Btw, what a pretentious and vulgar word, gastronomy is.) Ultimately people eat food to exist, and people drink anything other than water for pleasure, so 95 percent of people are more interested in drinking for pleasure than eating for pleasure, they just don't realise it. Honest. 🙂

    1. "The art and science of good eating", according to Wikipedia! Not that Wikipedia should be taken as gospel, of course 😉 The word "gastronomy" isn't quite as bad as the word "foodie", in my book!

      Hmmm…contentious. If people didn't eat for pleasure, then surely they'd just eat the cheapest available options, day in day out…? 🙂

      1. Of course you are correct, many people eat food for much more than sustenance. But ultimately sustainment is why we do it. We wouldn't eat food that made us more hungry, but many of us regularly drink liquids that make us much more thirsty. I argue that the jump between the cheapest healthy foods are much less than the jump between water and the drinks that we consume. The cheapest foods available are mostly, actively bad for our long term health. Mind you so is excessive beer and wine as well, but we still love it.

        I know that gastronomy is a quote and not your usage, but it still grates. It reminds me of cocktail bar-staff calling themselves mixologists. That's just a made-up word in order to convince others that the job you are doing is harder than it actually is. Being a very good cocktail mixer is certainly not completely easy, but at least 80% of the people calling themselves mixologists are actually mediocre or worse cocktail mixers. Lets face it, it isn't rocket science to make a decent Mojito or Wallbanger.

        1. I see your point 🙂 And I tend to find that with some "cheap" (unhealthy) foods you tend to feel hungry quicker than if you eat something healthy.

          Mixologists…hmmm. It's either to convince you that the job's harder than it is, or it's to convince you that cocktails are an art form, something more exciting to drink than what's served by a normal "bartender". It's all about making things appeal to the consumer as much as possible…

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