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Za Za Bazaar is celebrating a remarkable launch in Bristol with a remarkable 60,000 visiting the Harbourside restaurant during December (equivalent to the entire population of a city the size of Torquay, the native population of Venice – or one in ten people living in Bristol).

Named the UK’s biggest restaurant, Za Za Bazaar, which has already recruited 130 staff in Bristol, is looking to employ an additional 30 employees, including waiting staff, receptionists and section heads.

The Bristol-based brand is also now being rolled out across the UK, creating an anticipated 1,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

The groundbreaking concept takes buffet dining to a new level. High quality global cuisine is prepared fresh directly in front of guests by 35 specialist chefs. A vibrant atmosphere is created by stunning graffiti artwork and neon signs produced by artists from around the world.

Bristol Executive Chef, Vinay Reddy explains: “Adventure and live cooking are at the heart of the restaurant concept, which sets cuisine from India, China, Japan, the Far East, South America and Europe against vivid backdrops, reflecting the cultures from which it originates.

“We are totally uncompromising in employing the best chefs and investing in the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

“We have been delighted by the early success of our new brand, which has broken all our targets. People have tried our food, liked it and brought their friends and families – and Za Za Bazaar is a great place for big parties and celebrations.

“Now we plan the roll out of our concept across the UK. Originality and quality will be the hallmarks of our new venues. We will spend in the region of £2 – £3million on each restaurant, creating 120 – 150 jobs at each.

“Za Za Bazaar demonstrates that with the right concept, clear planning and committed investment, dynamic new ventures can succeed in the current economic environment, creating much needed jobs.”

Norwich has already been identified for the second venue, with work set to begin at the end of January. This will be a 600 cover restaurant employing 120 people.

The £2.5million programme to create the new restaurant at the Riverside Entertainment Centre will begin early in 2012. The 25,000 sq ft operation, which will be the largest in the Eastern region, will open in the Spring.

Vinay Reddy says: “Our challenge is to find sites in the right locations for our large scale operations. We need large restaurants in which we can recreate the ambience of the streets. “

The boost for tourism in Bristol by the Za Za Bazaar phenomenon is reflected in web statistics provided by Destination Bristol. This reveals that the new restaurant generated unprecedented web interest and 4000 per cent more hits than the next most popular attraction.


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