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Bristol-based BBQ experts California Rancher have launched an innovative range of meal kits that enable you to create classic American BBQ cooking at home. Whether it’s in your kitchen, on the BBQ or around the campfire, the kits bring out the Wild West in everyone.

“We use traditional recipes, techniques and flavours that date back to the days of frontier, where ranchers seasoned joints of meat and cooked them whole over open fires.”

There are four different kits in the range, each using California Rancher’s award winning, all natural range of seasonings and sauce:

  • Wild West Wings – Sticky lickin’ banjo pickin’ chicken wings using California Rancher Oaky & Smoky seasoning and Oaky & Smoky BBQ Sauce
  • Santa Maria Steak – Fearsome Wild West Steaks using California Rancher Santa Maria seasoning and Oaky & Smoky BBQ Sauce
  • Ranchero BBQ Ribs – Lipsmackingly sticky, tender & succulent ribs using California Rancher Wild Hog seasoning and Oaky & Smoky BBQ Sauce
  • Trail Blazin’ Burgers – Foot-tappingly tasty homemade burgers using California Rancher Rump Rub seasoning and Oaky & Smoky BBQ Sauce

Kits are priced at £2.50.  For a list of stockists and recipe ideas please visit www.california-rancher.com


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