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It was at the end of February 2012 that new venue Schnafel, underneath the former site of the Three Coqs Brasserie, first caught my eye. Heading to our regular Monday night pub quiz at The Hill, I had flyers thrust into my hand offering me a 50% introductory discount at this new schnitzel and falafel bar.

I’m sure that it’s not just me who thinks that schnitzel and falafel are a bizarre, multi-cultural combination on which to base a fast food outlet. True, it gives the owners a catchy name, but what’s the connection?

None that we could see, bar the fact that they’re both served in either wraps or pittas with a selection of salad items at Schnafel.

It’s predominantly a takeaway venue: the size of the unit means that there is only space for two tables, each sitting between 6-8 people. Most of the restaurant is taken up by a long counter, with the schnitzels and falafels on one side, the salad options on the other.



We both ordered an ‘Awesome’ smoothie with strawberry, banana and yoghurt at £2.95 (the names made me cringe almost as much as the ‘funky chips’ at Jamie’s Italian), which took a while to make but was perfectly tasty when it arrived.

The wait wasn’t that much of an issue, as it also took us a while to decide what we wanted to eat (menu here). Yes, they may only serve schnitzel and falafel, but there are six varieties of the former, and three of the latter. Each can be served in a pitta or in a wrap with hummus, salad and pickles, or as a salad if you don’t fancy the bread.

With a slight addiction to the spice, I went for the smoked paprika chicken schnitzel in a wrap (£4.70). With the sliced, breaded chicken breast fillet and the salads/pickles, the wrap was enormous – it’s rare to find somewhere that’ll provide you with an appetite-satisfying portion for under £5.



While the smoked paprika added a lovely smoky kick to the chicken, the meat itself was pretty dry and chewy. As the schnitzel and falafel were all sitting in dishes on a hotplate, I guess this is hardly surprising.

The salads included in the wrap were delicious, though, and there was a great deal of variety. In addition to the standard lettuce and red cabbage, we had the options of olives, marinated mushrooms, radish salad, carrot salad and grilled peppers. Jalapenos and gherkins are available on the pickles front, and a range of four sauces, including mayonnaise and harissa, can be added to your meal before it is served.

Schnafel is certainly a novel concept, but the hotel breakfast-style warming of the meat and falafel let it down slightly, in my eyes. If they could find a way of keeping the meat moist, then I’d definitely be back for another visit.


Find Schnafel on the Bristol Bites Directory…

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9 thoughts on “Schnafel, Clifton Down: Review”

  1. Been there to after my night out on sat night for a snack with my mates. We all tried the falafel in wraps and one of us the south fried chicken. I must say the place is clean food is fresh and you are right pricing is very modest. Well done to schnafel that make the right change and took a parve stap to come with a new innovative concept.I will defiantly will come back for more soon…………

  2. Great fresh food . Lots of options for vegiterian eaters , fresh falafel, cos cos, lentils , fresh tachini and homos. Btw…give them a break they just open in late feb …..

  3. Woooooo thanks for the ref …looks like that new concept is picking up…last night I took my boyfriend for a falafel wrap, it was great, big portion , fresh and u can have all the salads u want at the same price,,,, no extra charges !

  4. Woooooo thanks for the ref …looks like that new concept is picking up…last night I took my boyfriend for a falafel wrap it was owsome. Coffe was strong with carcter and only 1.70. Also………..very nice clean Toilets. Thank u schnafel

  5. ok after today lunch i love schnafel!!!
    amazing huge wraps with fresh chicken fiilet for under 5£.

    looks realy slik op.

  6. Its great I just wish it was open a bit later! Its impossible to get decent food after 11 o clock when your on the way home from a gig on whiteladies

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