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I had a press release through this afternoon, telling me that “UK household expenditure on the bread and bakery products increased by 7.6% to £4.74bn in 2011” – primarily as a result of the increase in the cost of bread, rather than through increased sales figures. My bread consumption today cost me just 9p thanks to the three homemade flat breads that constituted some of today’s diet – the first two in a jam sandwich for lunch.



I actually skipped breakfast this morning. I was going to make myself scrambled eggs, but just couldn’t face eating – I was actually feeling slightly sick. All I could manage was a massive 50ml of milk (4p) – I figured I needed at least *something* to keep me going.

Today was the first day in the office during the challenge. I treated myself to two cups of hot water with a slice of lemon (2p each) – one in the morning, one in the afternoon – and managed to resist the temptation of the fruit basket that had been bought for the office to share.

I went home on my lunch break to enjoy my jam sandwich and boiled egg, as I couldn’t face sitting in the office and watching others enjoy their “proper food” while I was living on what is rapidly becoming a very boring diet.

The end of the day couldn’t come soon enough for me. After eating my dinner far too early on day 1, I managed to hold off until a bit later on day 2, meaning that I felt fuller for longer into the evening. I really didn’t fancy rice again, so today it was two scrambled eggs with a flat bread (24p in total). Bad plan, I think. The lack of vegetables today has obviously got to me, as I’m not feeling too great this evening. Back on the veg tomorrow, I think.



I was less well-behaved with the smoking today, and had one and a half cigarettes after working out that I could do so within my daily budget. It’s probably cheating, as I hadn’t factored the cost of cigarettes into my original £5 spend, but I’m still amazed (and am sure that those who know me will be too) that I’ve managed to cut the nicotine addiction so much so quickly. I’m looking into using S.T.A.R.T to get quitting underway: Setting a quit date, Telling family and friends I’m going to quit, Anticipating the challenges I may face, Removing cigarettes and other triggers, and Talking to a professional about getting support. Wish me luck!

I shouldn’t really complain about how boring my diet is. At least I’ve had a choice of what to buy this week: many of those living in extreme poverty around the world simply have to take what they’re given. I really am becoming much more grateful for what I’ve got. Even when it gets to the few days before payday and I’m struggling for cash, I’ll still have pasta and pesto or something similar in my flat that I can rustle up for dinner – it’s horrible looking at the contents of my cupboards and knowing that I can’t use even the seemingly simple ingredients that they contain. I can definitely see my shopping behaviour changing after this week is over.


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