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Green & Black’s Christmas Rum & Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream Pudding

Here is a very simple Christmas dessert recipe that takes a bit of planning the night before but very little preparation time on the day. The recipe uses festive panettone but brioche or similar sweet breads are suitable alternatives.



100g raisins
150g dark rum
400g panettone or brioche (pre-sliced will be easier)
Two x 500ml tubs Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate Ice Cream
Single cream to serve (optional)



Soak the raisins in the rum overnight.

The following day, a few hours before you wish to serve it, assemble the pudding as follows.

Remove the ice cream from the freezer and allow to soften – but not completely melt – for around 30 minutes. Drain the raisins, reserving the unabsorbed rum. Take a 3 pint/1.5 litre pudding basin and line with a couple of lengths of cling film, ensuring there is plenty to fold over once the pudding is constructed.

Once sufficiently softened, empty the ice cream into a large bowl, add the drained raisins and mix quickly and thoroughly, trying to limit further melting.

Line the pudding basin with slices of panettone/brioche, making sure you reserve some for the lid. Some slices will need cutting up a bit to fill in the gaps. Sprinkle the bread with the reserved rum, saving a bit for the lid. NB. you can omit this and ditch the reserved rum if you prefer a less boozy pudding.

Scoop the ice cream/raisin mix into the lined basin, pressing down a little to ensure there are no gaps. Fashion a lid out of slices of the remaining bread and sprinkle with the remaining rum. Wrap the edges of the cling film over the top of the bread lid. Place a suitably sized side plate over the top and press firmly but gently.

Put in the freezer for the ice cream to re-harden (for at least four hours).

When ready to serve, remove the basin from the freezer, remove the plate and unwrap the edges of the cling film to reveal the lid. Place a dinner plate on top and then invert. Pull off the basin and then peel off the cling film.

Cut into wedges and serve with or without a splash of single cream and a glass of mulled wine!


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