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StreetSmart’s highly successful fundraising campaign for the homeless in Bristol has been given an extra boost – every £1 donated during December will be matched by the Cabinet Office.

Foodies across the city who dine out at StreetSmart restaurants will be making even more of a difference when they add the voluntary £1 StreetSmart donation to their table bill. The initiative is aiming to raise more than £10,000 in just two months, which would smash all previous fundraising records.

Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society says “The Government is determined to do its bit too, which is why, this Christmas, we are pledging cash to innovative charity appeals like StreetSmart, so that we can help support the vulnerable.”

Over 20 restaurants in Bristol are involved in the StreetSmart campaign including Riverstation, Bells Diner, Goldbrick House, The Muset and Rosemarino. StreetSmart charity patron Gordon Ramsay, chef and restaurateur says “StreetSmart has become part of Christmas for us. It’s everyone’s chance to do the right thing at the right time with only the gentlest nudge.”

Deutsche Bank sponsor all administrative costs of the campaign, ensuring that every single £1 donated goes to help the homeless and vulnerable.

StreetSmart provides funding to a number of charities across the city, all of which strive to get people off the streets and integrated back into society.

Supporter Stephen Fry says “StreetSmart is a marvellous undertaking and has established itself in the advent calendar as firmly as the oxen and the shepherds.”

For a full list of participating restaurants and for more info about where the money goes, visit streetsmart.org.uk.


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