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The Community Farm in Chew Magna, Bristol, invites you to join the challenge to find out whether you can live ‘supermarket free’ for a whole year!

The challenge launches alongside a new ‘groceries to you’ service which expands the brand’s delivery of popular vegetable boxes to a varied list of everyday essentials and store cupboard staples such as tinned tomatoes, pasta and oats. The aim is to discover how easy it is to buy your food locally without having to go to a supermarket.

Is it possible? What benefits does it have? Does it save money, reduce waste, improve your shopping experience and provide you with better quality food?

The challenge will run from Friday 1 February for a year. The Community Farm are looking for people to sign up and to share their experiences on their Facebook group.

It’s easy to sign-up and take part. If you feel a year is too long, why not sign up for a month and see how you get on?

Alison Belshaw, Project Director at The Community Farm, said:

“We are really keen to get people thinking more about where their food comes from and to encourage the buying of local and seasonal produce. We thought this would be a fun and challenging way to do it!”

The Community Farm created the challenge to raise awareness of some of the issues facing our food system such as over-packaging, food security and waste. In the UK about 15 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year. Almost 50% of this comes from our homes* and they would love to find out that buying locally helped you reduce some of that waste – join the challenge and help them find out!

The Community Farm will be offering tips and support via Facebook, Twitter and on the Community Farm website throughout the challenge.

If you sign-up as a new vegetable box customer today, order three boxes and get your fourth box free!

Want to take part?

Join online via their Facebook group

Or come along to their FREE Wonderful Winter Wassail and yurt opening celebration on the 19 January 2013 to sign up in person. Click here to register for your free tickets.

Thinking about it but not sure?

The challenge is inspired by Joanne O’Connell, a freelance journalist who writes for the Guardian, and who has been blogging about doing just this. Read about her experiences so far.


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