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Would you be interested – or do you know someone who would be interested – in taking part in a new TV series, designed to revolutionise your cooking and eating habits? Read on for a message from Denham Productions who are looking for people to appear on screen…

Chef Wan is a Malaysian chef. He’s a rock star super-chef in the far east with his own talk show, TV series and cooking demonstrations that literally stop traffic. But now he’s coming over here and he’s on a mission to sort our British eating habits.

He says we can and should eat food that costs less money, has less fat and more taste. He knows how to make us healthier, thinner and richer.

We want to find people who would be happy to have Chef Wan take their shopping and cooking habits in hand. We want to find people who know they need a bit of help in the kitchen but would rather have a laugh than be preached at. He’s not backwards at coming forwards so if you think you can handle a man who’s also a jolly Malaysian whirlwind, then please do get in touch.

East Bites West is an entertainment show with food at its heart. If you’ve got stuck in a rut buying ready meals, or if you love cooking but you know you could do with a hand to make your food healthier and save money on your weekly shop – then give us a call.

To apply, contact Alice Scaysbrook at Denham Productions on 01752 345444 or alice.scaysbrook@denhams.tv.


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