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You can’t move for a horsemeat bun, sorry, pun, these days. It seems every couple of days there is a new horsemeat-related news story and more jokes to go with it. The latest in the on-going saga is that Tesco are to make the move to use farmers “closer to home” after long supply chains and sourcing meat from countries abroad has led to horsemeat traces in a number of their products. Meat buyers have firstly been appalled that horsemeat is being sold in Britain, but even more shocked that they have been falsely sold a product that they thought was beef, or another acceptably-farmed meat, and they can no longer trust the long supply chain that it comes from.

The horsemeat scandal has proven just how important traceability and straightforward supply chains really are. With large global food companies and shops such as Tesco, the supply chains are so extensive that accidents and confusions like this one can happen and evidently on a massive scale. The only sure-fire way to avoid being mis-sold meat and buying products that come from an unidentified source is to purchase your meat from a local butchers or meat supplier. One such free range, small and friendly butchers is Farmer’s Choice.

If you buy with Farmer’s Choice, you will never be falsely sold a product, what they say is beef is 100% Scottish free range beef raised by MacDuff farms in the Scottish Glens. The Farmer’s Choice company is based in Fareham, Hampshire but they operate as online butchers that supply only free range meat and produce from select UK farmers. All their meat is completely free range, the fish sustainably caught and everything sold is of the highest quality. So you will get excellent products delivered directly to you, plus the British free range farmers are supported and sustained thanks to your help too.

Farmer’s Choice have always championed traceability when it comes to supplying customers with their free range meat, and now it’s more important than ever that customers know what they’re buying and eating. The company always purchases whole carcases from their partner farmers, who they know personally, and readers can learn all about their trusted partner farms on the Farmer’s Choice website. This means Farmer’s Choice can securely promise traceability from farm to fork.

You can be sure that by buying meat from Farmer’s Choice you are helping British farmers and that you will know what you’re buying and what you’re eating. Full traceability from farm to fork is an essential part of Farmer’s Choice ethics and this means you won’t find horsemeat in any of their products.

Farmer’s Choice deliver throughout the UK, so if you’re a Bristol foodie wanting to try out their free range meat for a non-horsemeat meal, contact them and you’ll have the meat delivered to your doorstep.


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