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The StrEAT Food Collective will be hosting a series of three street food night markets on Corn Street in the Old City area starting on Wednesday 1st May between 5pm and 9pm.

StrEAT is a global street food collective serving food from all over the world. Hot and delicious dishes from countries like Vietnam, India, France and Peru as well as pizza and gourmet burgers will be served. Local residents and workers, students and tourists will be gathering together to enjoy music and food in an upbeat mardi gras atmosphere.

The collective consists of between six to eight stalls. Vendors are people from local communities who are passionate about food and will be serving up ‘the real deal’. The vendors are encouraged to stick to food portions costing around £6 or under and there will be smaller portions for children.

Bristol Mayor, George Ferguson, states;

“I welcome new initiatives such as StrEAT to Bristol. The StrEAT Food Collective underpins Bristol’s drive to promote eating fresh, locally sourced food and supporting independent traders. These new evening food markets bring vitality and complement the city’s cultural offer.”

StrEAT will host three pilot markets on the first Wednesday in May, June and July and if successful, the night market will be rolled out on a weekly basis. St Nick’s traders are invited to stay open and local food businesses will be encouraged to showcase themselves.

John Hirst, Chief Executive of Destination Bristol states;

‘’We are very keen to promote all aspects of street food here in Bristol.
The ‘StrEAT in Old City’ night market is an innovative initiative which will bring this beautiful part of our city to life in the evenings. Gourmet street food, cooked outdoors by local food entrepreneurs will be a big attraction. This will give us another great opportunity to showcase Bristol as a thriving tourist destination.”

The street food scene in London is very well established now and the trend is spreading across the UK. StrEAT only works with the best street food vendors in the SW. Some of these vendors can be found operating during the daytime in Bristol including VeeDoubleMoo on Brandon Hill, Meat and Bread at the bottom of Park Street, Woolly Cactus on Victoria Street and Cupp Tea in Quakers Friars.

The Bristol Pound, Destination Bristol and Bristol Junior Chamber are backing the initiative.

For more information on locations and to read the blog visit www.streatfoodcollective.com

You can also follow StrEAT on at @StrEATUK


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