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Katsiaryna Mosaferi with her golden Dough Ball. Image credit: PizzaExpress.
Katsiaryna Mosaferi with her golden Dough Ball. Image credit: PizzaExpress.


Local Bristol resident Katsiaryna Mosaferi got more than she expected for dinner at PizzaExpress Corn Street on Tuesday after being served a Golden Dough Ball, valued at £5,000.

The Golden Dough Ball is the grand prize of PizzaExpress’ competition to celebrate the much-loved and most-ordered menu item.

PizzaExpress guests all around the UK who ordered Dough Balls in January had the chance for the Golden Dough Ball to randomly appear on their plate, however, Katsiaryna, who works in a sandwich shop, was in the right place at the right time and was served the solid gold Dough Ball with her order.

‘I can’t believe it, I was having a bad day until this happened, I’m over the moon,’ says Katsiaryna.

Using the latest 3D scanning technology, a wax cast was created, which was then filled with real gold. Today, close to 4 million portions of Dough Balls are served in PizzaExpress restaurants every year.

Though one Golden Dough Ball has been found, there is another up for grabs through selected supermarkets. Ten Dough Balls, covered with edible gold, are nestled within special packs of Original Dough Balls, available in selected branches of Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, The Co-op and through Ocado. Each gold-covered Dough Ball found in a supermarket will entitle the winner to a year’s worth of free Dough Balls PLUS one of the ten will be awarded the grand prize – the second Golden Dough Ball made from solid gold. Four of the ten edible gold Dough Balls have been found, but six remain to be discovered, including the grand prize.

Joey Essex, a self-proclaimed Dough Ball lover, launched the competition earlier this month after being painted gold by acclaimed make up artist Natasha Bloom just a few weeks after leaving the jungle.

Parveen Johal, PizzaExpress’ head of communications, said: “We think our Dough Balls are special but Katsiaryna from Bristol has our best one yet.

“And the fun isn’t over, with one Golden Dough Ball yet to be found in a supermarket, one more PizzaExpress fan will soon find themselves a winner.”

For more information about PizzaExpress visit www.pizzaexpressnews.com/tag/gold.


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