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Pieminister Lighter Pies


Pieminister is known for its award winning range of classic pies and now, pie-lovers with taste can tuck into a trio of new lighter pies, still brimming with all the flavour and delicious ingredients they expect in a Pieminister pie.

The three new pies are lightly baked in a cayenne pepper, poppy seed and Parmesan crust and lifting the lid on traditional pie making, Pieminister has replaced the top crust with a seed and herb crumb. Like Pieminister’s classics, the emphasis here is on top quality ingredients (Pieminister is still the only national pie brand to use 100% free range British meat) and full flavours. All three recipes contain a careful balance of ingredients selected for their low calorie content and excellent quality and flavour.

A generous 240g each, the lighter range contains less than 440 calories per pie. Delicious hot and cold, they’re the perfect pie to serve with countless accompaniments, to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

The three new pies are…

kooky chook: a free range British chicken, sweet potato, chilli and coconut pie, topped with a coconut, coriander and sesame seed crumb.
chickalito: a free range British chicken and free range British dry cure ham pie with shredded courgette and celeriac topped with a pine nut, sunflower seed, basil and Parmesan crumb.
light as a feta: a butternut squash, sun-dried tomato and feta cheese pie topped with a pumpkin seed and feta crumb (Vegetarian Society Approved).

The people of Bristol can get their pie fix at Pieminister’s flagship Pie and Cider restaurant at 24 Stokes Croft and in The Glass Arcade, St Nick’s Market. You can also pick up your pies at the Tobacco Factory Market (Sundays), Bristol Farmers’ Market (Wednesdays) and at Somerset Farmers’ Markets every weekend as well as markets in Gloucester and Stroud – as well as in pubs and independent shops including The Better Food Company.

Tristan Hogg, Pieminister’s co-founder and head chef says,

“We all know the saying ‘Who’s eaten all the pies?’ Well, at Pieminister it’s a food-savvy, younger pie-lover who enjoys really good, top notch grub dished up with a bit of humour on the side! Many first discovered our classic range at music festivals like Glastonbury or at London’s famous Borough Market and they’ll always love the Pieminister classics. They’ve told us recently that they’d love some lower calorie pies to choose from too as part of their regular pie fix and these are everything they love about Pieminister pies – just lighter.”

To find out more about Pieminister and its award winning range visit www.pieminister.co.uk, where you can also join the popular V.I.Pie club for the latest pie news as well as exclusive pie offers and great competitions.


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