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Subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment – from meal kits to food and drink products to beauty products. So when Bath-based Our Honest Foods got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in trying their all-British snack box, I was intrigued…

We’ve all heard of Graze – the subscription-based service that offers a range of snacks through the post. Our Honest Foods is different. Their aim is to promote great British snack producers by sending out their Best of British Snackorium to subscribing customers each month.

The Snackorium is essentially a selection of great British snacks, packaged up in a cardboard box and posted out to subscribers each month. The Snackorium costs £9.99 per month (including delivery) on a subscription basis, or £10.99 if you want to try just one to see how it goes. You can also buy individual products via their online store by clicking here.

I received their February Snackorium, complete with Valentine’s-related branding on the front and in a box that’s the perfect size to fit through most letterboxes, meaning no risk of missed deliveries and the dreaded red card through the door. The box featured a cardboard sleeve which slotted over the box itself to keep the contents secure.


Honest snack box


On opening the box, it was clear that they’d managed to cram a lot into a very small space! In addition to the snacks themselves, the box included a little card featuring a map to show where in Britain each product is made – a great idea.


Honest snack box - contents


Our favourite snack by far was the bag of nuts and corn from Liberation: a pack of moreish chilli and lime baked cashews, mixed with peanuts and crunchy kernels of roasted corn. Nuts are a fantastic snack anyway, but the addition of the corn and the punchy chilli and lime flavours creates a snack that we’re definitely going to hunt out for the future.


Honest snack box - nuts


The dried physalis from Clearly Scrumptious were also a revelation. We’d tried the fresh fruit before, but had never seen it in dried form: a tart yet sweet snack that makes up one of your five a day…


Honest snack box - fruit


I’ve got to admit that I haven’t tried the Morning Kick tea from Bluebird Tea, purely because I avoid caffeine for health reasons. It smells fantastic though – a combination of yerba mate, lemon and ginger that is designed to give you a morning boost without the following slump that is normally associated with caffeinated drinks.


Honest snack box - tea


The chocolate from Bath-based A Little Piece & Love was fantastic: two varieties specifically designed for Our Honest Foods. Our favourite was the bar on the left – shaped like a pea pod and including the most fantastic salted caramel. We’ll be looking out for these guys at markets in the area…


Honest snack box - chocolate


The best shortbread is always Scottish, right? And these four fingers of shortbread from The Shortbread House of Edinburgh didn’t disappoint – a beautiful original shortbread with a decent level of salt, just the way it should be.


Honest snack box - shortbread


I’d never tried a 9bar before, but I’m now a convert. Gluten free and packed full of flax, sunflower, hemp and pumpkin seeds, the bar is coated in carob and is designed to provide a natural energy boost. Nutritious and still tasting a little naughty with the addition of the carob, it was delicious.


Honest snack box - 9 Bar


Finally, a miniature bag of popcorn. Darling Popcorn is created by crisp maker Darling Spuds as an extension to their range. A mixture of both sweet and salt flavours, the popcorn is light and fluffy – and while I enjoyed it, bits may be too salty for some tastes.


Honest snack box - popcorn


The Best of British Snackorium from Our Honest Foods is a great idea – a fantastic way of championing the great snack producers to whom Britain is home. We loved the range and the variation in the box, with a great combination of sweet and savoury, healthy and not so healthy and well known and smaller companies. At £9.99 for 7 products (including postage) it’s pretty good value for money too, and a good way of trying products from British brands that you might not previously have heard of. A great alternative to the standard snacks of crisps, fruit and chocolate bars – definitely recommended.


Please note: this Snackorium was received free of charge, but in no way impacted on our opinion. We were not obliged to write a positive review, and Our Honest Foods did not see this review before it was put up on the site.


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