Caffé Cagliari: Nespresso compatible coffee pods with 100 years of Italian experience

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Cagliari Pod


It seems that Nespresso machines are everywhere now – not just in people’s homes, but even in some hotel rooms as an alternative to the horrible sachets of instant that you find in many places. And as their popularity grows, so does the number of companies producing Nespresso compatible coffee pods – from mainstream brands to those that are currently lesser known in the UK, such as Caffé Cagliari.

We may not know the brand that well (yet!), but Caffé Cagliari is a company that is steeped in more than 100 years of Italian history. Founded by Italian Ambrogio Cagliari, whose first real introduction to the world of coffee came from working in the coffee fazendas of Brazil, the company has been passed on from generation to generation, and is now run by his great great granddaughter, Alessandra.

The company is part of the Italian Espresso National Institute, and has an “Italian Espresso” Product Certification – important for them, as this is a standard that both coffee blends and coffee equipment have to conform to in order to be called “Italian Espresso” (in the same way that products such as Parma Ham and Stilton are protected, origin-wise). It’s all taken very seriously…there are strict guidelines that an espresso has to follow to be a certified Italian Espresso, which cover the look, flavour, smell, texture and more.

There are currently five different capsule varieties available from Caffé Cagliari, all of which can be bought via their online store. As you’d expect, the focus is more on quality than gimmicky flavours and types of drink, ranging from the milder Elite to the full bodied and firm flavoured Ristretto.

Priced at 30p per pod, they’re certainly cheaper than buying takeaway coffees in the morning. And not only are they great as an espresso to drink, they’re also great for cooking – try using in a tiramisu, a coffee and walnut cake or in an espresso buttercream icing.

To find out more about Caffé Cagliari, visit their website at, find them on Facebook (Caffé Cagliari UK) or follow them on Twitter at @CaffeCagliariUK.


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  1. This is indeed delicious coffee but apparently the representation in the UK is closed. The coffee can be ordered in the Netherlands. Search for Amici del Caffe. The site is in Dutch but you can choose your language in the upper right corner.

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