Upcoming vegan dining events at Sky Kong Kong this February…

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Image courtesy of Sky Kong Kong

Image courtesy of Sky Kong Kong


Sky Kong Kong on Haymarket Walk and The Mighty Food Fight have teamed up for a couple of exciting dining events this February, with both evenings completely suitable for vegans.

On February 19th, “A Night of Korean Temple Food” will see diners tempted with delicious dishes to benefit both the body and mind, based on the philosophy of temple food. Drinks will be cleansing teas and homemade juices.

On February 25th, Chef Wizzy will be bringing diners incredible Korean food – including bibimbap – and there will also be donuts from The Mighty Food Fight which will feature a Korean Twist. For this evening, diners can bring their own alcoholic drinks, subject to a small corkage charge.

Both nights are 100% vegan, with space for 18 diners on each night. Tickets cost £16.55 per head: those for the 19th can be bought here, while tickets for the 25th can be bought by clicking this link.


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