Three Brothers Burgers @ Spyglass, Welsh Back: Review

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Photo credit: Yee Poon


Richard Peake heads to Welsh Back for a weekend lunch. You can read more of Richard’s work at


The great burger boom is in full swing in Bristol with a storm of joints opening all over the city. One that caught my attention in particular was Three Brothers Burgers – a restaurant dedicated to beef patties and local craft beers, located on Welsh Back on a boat on the river.

Upon arrival at lunchtime, a friendly welcome from staff and the soft glow of hanging lanterns set the scene for a pleasant experience. Quiet, soulful jazz music complimented the subtle chatter of fellow customers sat upon rustic, wooden benches.

The boat, which has a canvas ceiling, was understandably chilly. Thoughtfully, however, heaters placed strategically around the room and blankets for every customer made the dining experience feel very personal and genuine. The boat is decked out in nautical-themed decor – a unique concept for a burger restaurant in which no fish is served, but it naturally fits well.


Photo credit: Yee Poon

Photo credit: Yee Poon


After the waitress vaguely explaining what “buttermilk fried chicken” meant (I still have no idea), the food was served around 10 minutes after ordering which gave me plenty of time to admire the frozen glass flagon from which I drank my Dr Pepper. It’s not often you see the drink being served in a restaurant and especially not in such a regal glass. I was also impressed by the magnitude of craft beers, ciders, spirits and soft drinks on offer.

I tackled the Smokey Bro Burger (£8) – Herefordshire beef with smoked cheddar, sweet cured bacon, homemade relish and onion. To my surprise, the brioche bun was stone cold. Some people don’t mind a cold bun, however I felt that due to the thick, glazed texture of the bread, it would have enhanced the meal by being lightly toasted or at least warm.

Thankfully, the beef patty was steaming hot and slightly pink in the middle as recommended by the waitress. The quality of the meat was high, with the relish and smoked Applewood cheddar combining into the perfect complimenting taste. The bacon was fairly limp, though it was definitely as sweet as described in the menu. The beef was the winning factor, however – thick, juicy and very tasty.

My burger was served with a side of fries – medium cut, crispy to the perfect degree and a gorgeous flavour with help from the large selection of readily available condiments including a “secret spice mix”.


Photo credit: Yee Poon

Photo credit: Yee Poon


The prices were very reasonable for a burger in Bristol, averaging around £8 with the £2.50 add-on for a portion of fries. The menu was neither too big nor too small, allowing just enough items to make the selection process a little challenging! One of the most appealing factors of the restaurant is the option of take-away and also the student deal of a classic burger and fries for just £5. As well as beef and chicken burgers, Three Brothers serve hot dogs (made from beef), chicken wings and a variety of sides. The side I’ve heard good things about is the chilli cheese fries, which I’ve only been able to try a small amount of.

I hadn’t realised the sheer size of the restaurant until I went to the bathroom. There was additional seating behind the bar and kitchen, though it appeared to be being used for storing unneeded chairs. The toilets were clean though a little cramped – but what can you expect from the lower deck of a boat? I was impressed with the general cleanliness of the entire restaurant and overall welcoming vibes.

I will definitely be returning to Three Brothers Burgers and telling all my friends about it! Great quality beef, perfectly concocted sauces and tastes and a friendly atmosphere. Three Brothers Burgers is a force to be reckoned with in the battle of Bristol’s best burgers.



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  1. seems quite tempting 🙂

  2. But how does it compare with The Burger Joint, surely Bristol’s benchmark for quality burgers?

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