The Restaurant & Bar at the Rainbow Casino

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Don’t let the simple restaurant name fool you. The Restaurant & Bar is a bloody amazing place that serves some of the most delectable burgers on the Harbourside.

The Restaurant & Bar
is a nice place that’s always filled with a celebratory crowd who are looking for a refreshing pint to drink and a delicious bite to eat. Situated near the Rainbow Casino’s gaming area, this place is the perfect restaurant in which to celebrate your winnings at the slots or card tables. In addition to British and American food, The Restaurant & Bar also serves some Mexican and Indian food.

As well as its freshly-grilled burgers, the restaurant is well known for its grass-fed steaks and lamb shanks. The place also serves finger food (beer-battered onion rings, fish and chips etc.) that guests can conveniently bring to the gaming area. You can always ask the waiter for the perfect wine to go with your meat since the restaurant has a wide variety of red wines at its disposal.

People who are having fun at the table or slot game areas can have their meals delivered to them from the restaurant.

The Restaurant & Bar became very popular amongst regulars thanks to the head chef’s passion when serving his dishes. The head chef is known for his dedication to serving only the freshest meat and organic vegetables. The restaurant’s success is one of the many reasons why people still visit land-based casinos, despite the rising popularity of online casino gaming. It’s very enticing to play online casino games that provide a huge selection of games and big welcome bonuses, but only in brick-and-mortar casinos can people enjoy good food from great chefs.

The Restaurant & Bar is located at Explore Lane, Bristol.


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