4 Bristol food challenges to conquer before the world ends

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September 23rd, according to conspiracy theorists, is set to be the end of the world. Planet X – or Nibiru – will pass the Earth and bring with it earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions…and with a 7.1 magnitude quake hitting Mexico this week, the Internet has gone crazy with predictions of our planet’s demise.

Obviously, it’s unlikely to happen. But just in case we only have a few days left on this planet…how would you spend yours? Clearly, for me, my plans would be food-based – I’d use the time to work my way around the Bristol restaurants I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t yet got round to…without worrying about running out of money or needing to pay back an extortionate credit card bill as a result!

I’d be tempted to give some of Bristol’s food challenges a go, too. I’ve never competed in a food challenge – and I’m probably not likely to, unless the end of the world is confirmed. There are plenty on offer in Bristol, and while some look doable, there are others where I would honestly be amazed if anyone could succeed.

Some of the food challenges in the US are pretty insane, ranging from the world’s most calorific burger in Vegas to a 4lb sushi roll in California…can you imagine tucking into that much rice?! But Bristol has plenty of its own crazy food challenges to offer too – here are four to try before it’s too late…


72oz steak and sides at The Ashville



At The Ashville in BS3, diners are challenged to demolish a 72oz T-bone steak and sides. And when it comes to the sides, there’s a choice of ten – and you need to choose five. There’s an hour in which to finish the meal, and if you win, you enjoy it free of charge. If not, you’re paying the £110 bill…


The Grand Champion at Grillstock



Hungry for BBQ? Head to Grillstock for their Grand Champion challenge. For £40, you’ll be presented with pulled pork, sliced brisket, half a chicken, a full rack of babyback ribs, wings, mac & cheese, chilli cheese fries, house pickles and slaw. Demolish it in an hour, and you’ll get a t-shirt, a bottle of Grillstock BBQ sauce, and your name on the wall of fame.


Breakfast at Harry’s Cafe



A big breakfast can set you up for the day…but there are few as big as the offering at Harry’s Cafe at Fowlers. Their breakfast challenge, as far as we’re aware, has only been successfully completed once! For £15, enjoy 6 sausages, 6 eggs, 6 rashers of bacon, 6 hash browns, 4 slices of bread and butter, 4 slices of toast and butter, 4 slices of fried bread, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and chips…and a cup of tea to wash it all down. Finish the challenge, and your breakfast is free…


The Fallout Challenge at Atomic Burger



If burgers are your thing, try the Fallout Challenge at Atomic Burger. For £25, you’ll be given 45 minutes to eat a triple 6oz beef, chicken or veggie burger with triple American cheese, triple onion rings, triple Fallout Sauce (which is mindblowingly hot), and a triple portion of chilli fries. There’s a survivor t-shirt for those who complete the challenge – and a victim t-shirt for those who fail…



Reckon you could manage any of these? 🙂


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