Sourdough pizza joint Franco Manca to open on Clare Street

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Franco Manca


The former Cheltenham & Gloucester building society premises at 20-22 Clare Street in the city centre will soon be home to the Bristol branch of sourdough pizza chain, Franco Manca.

No opening date has yet been confirmed by the team, but work has already begun on the building, which will be home to a restaurant specialising in sourdough pizzas. Made from slow-rising dough (a minimum of 20 hours), the pizzas are baked in a wood-burning brick oven in a blast cooking process that, they say, “locks in the flour’s natural aroma and moisture giving a soft easily digestible crust.”

The Franco Manca menu offers just seven different pizza options, with the ability to add extra toppings if you wish. You’ll also find nibbles, salads and a small selection of desserts, along with beers, cider, wines and soft drinks.

At most of their restaurants (they now have over 40 – mostly in London), they don’t take bookings – seating’s on a first come, first served basis. We’re expecting there to be a takeaway option on offer, though…

The team are currently advertising for staff – to stay up to date with their progress on opening dates and offers, check back on their website and Facebook page.


2 Responses to Sourdough pizza joint Franco Manca to open on Clare Street

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  2. Sorry, possibly the worst pizza I’ve ever had. You could have removed the topping and it would taste the same, blandness personified. We Asked for a slice of cake to come with the pizza and were not notified they didn’t have any until the pizza was delivered. Very disappointed and won’t be coming back.☹️

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