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Broth To Bowl


Winter is well on its way, and with it the colder weather. It’s the time of year where soups come to the fore…perfect timing for new cookbook Broth to Bowl: Mastering the art of great soup from six simple broths by Drew Smith.

Published by Modern Books, Broth to Bowl (RRP £20) is a 160-page hardback cookbook that demonstrates how soups can transform your cooking and your health. From buying the most basic ingredients and making simple broths to crafting some seriously showstopping soups, Drew Smith shows how six different broths can form the base for a whole host of soup recipes, making the most of leftovers and expanding our kitchen repertoire.

There’s plenty covered, from the health benefits of bone broth to the versatility and ease of home-cooked soups and stews: recipes that are delicious, nutritionally balanced, wholesome and waste-free. We love the simple yet beautiful colour photography too.

Broth to Bowl is divided into six chapters covering The Basics, Vegetables, Chicken and Other Birds, Meat, Fish and Shellfish, and Kombu. Recipes span the entire globe too, from Scotch broth to French onion, Thai Tom Yum Goong to Japanese bonito broth.


Win a copy of Broth to Bowl!

Interested in mastering new soup recipes for the winter months? We have a copy of Broth to Bowl to give away to one lucky winner. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us your favourite type of soup!

The competition will close at 5pm on Tuesday, November 14th, after which time one commenter will be picked at random as the winner, and their address passed to the PR company for delivery. Good luck!


233 Responses to Win a copy of new cookbook Broth To Bowl!

  1. My favourite soup is carrot and coriander

  2. Mushrooms my fav

  3. Lentil Soup

  4. Minestrone is my favourite soup.

  5. Lentil and bacon soup!

  6. leek and potato

  7. Victoria Cattanach

    Butternut squash and sage!!

  8. Stilton & Mushroom

  9. Angela Lanzisera

    spicy roasted pepper and butternut squash

  10. Sweet potato, red lentil and coconut.

  11. The Jewish Penicillin…chicken soup and matzo dumplings!

  12. Roasted tomato and smoked paprika.

  13. Home made winter veg soup.

  14. Tomato

  15. Chicken

  16. Bacon and Lentil

  17. Roast Parsnip and coriander soup.

  18. Spicy sweet potato and red lentil

  19. I like Thai soup like Itame

  20. Stilton and broccoli

  21. Tomato and basil

  22. Butternut squash and sage-delish!

  23. My favourite soup id smoked ham and green pea soup, my brother’s recipe 🙂

  24. Barley and vegetable soup 🙂

  25. chorizo spinach and chick pea soup

  26. Lentil and bacon

  27. Moroccan carrot Soup

  28. home made cullun skink soup (fish soup )

  29. Curried parsnip soup is my favourite x

  30. roasted pumpkin soup, made with roasted garlic, onions, rosemary

  31. sweet potato and roasted red pepper

  32. Homemade sweet potato and ginger soup

  33. Minestrone 🙂

  34. Mushroom

  35. Broccoli and Stilton for me.

  36. Spicy butternut sqaysh, sweet potato and lentil

  37. homemade mushroom soup

  38. It has to be home made vegetable soup, it’s so warming & filling too. I love home made better than shop brought because you know exactly what’s going into it & you can change the taste every time you make it depending on what veg you add

  39. Leek and potato

  40. OOOO my mum’s minestrone soup, so filling and wouldn’t go a christmas without it.

  41. I love minestrone soup! It has to be really chunky like my Dad used to make.

  42. my sister in laws pea and ham soup, the tastiest soup ive had

  43. butternut squash and chilli

  44. Home made cream of tomato

  45. Pea and ham soup

  46. Pea and ham

  47. Carrot and Lentil is and always will be my fave!

  48. a proper chicken and noodle soup with salt and vinegar rice cakes

  49. curried parsnip

  50. Scotch Broth is the best for the colder months

  51. Janie-Fleur Matcham

    Pumpkin soup is yummy

  52. Chicken noodle soup

  53. Parsnip is mine so warming

  54. Spicy parsnip…with lots of chilli to warn me up!

  55. Bean & Tomato. The best!

  56. Spring vegetable is my favourite.

  57. Creamy mushroom

  58. pea and ham

  59. I love Pumpkin soup

  60. Stilton and broccoli

  61. Boiled ham & Lentil

  62. scotch broth

  63. Carrot & Coriander is my favourite soup

  64. Curried parsnip soup – a winter favourite.

  65. I enjoy a mixed vegetable and pulses soup, flavoured with fresh chopped herbs

  66. chicken with crutons is my favourite

  67. Homemade French Onion Soup

  68. I have a celery soup recipe the results of which I love. Strange as I hate celery..

  69. I like sweetcorn soup

  70. Richard Eldred Hawes

    Carrot, Sweet Potato and Ginger, always very tasty

  71. So many to choose from…but my favourite is creme of tomato soup.

  72. Emily Carter-Dunn

    My favourite is chicken and sweetcorn.

  73. Minestrone

  74. Leek and Potato

  75. French onion soup with a big cheesy crouton thingy floating in it that goes stringy down your chin when you eat it

  76. Chicken

  77. Sweet potato and coconut!

  78. Cauliflower and horseradish

  79. Broccoli and Stilton does it for me guys

  80. Carrot soup

  81. Homemade moroccan chickpea soup- so warming, rich and hearty!


    broccoli and cheddar cheese excellent

  83. My favourite type of soup has got to be spicy chicken and bean! Yum!

  84. It’s got to be chicken soup the bests comfort food there is

  85. Chicken broth the way my mum used to make it

  86. bottom of the veg box soup, what ever is left every week goes in

  87. french onion soup or home made scotch broth

  88. Chicken

  89. Parsnip is my favourite soup.

  90. Definitely mushroom

  91. Chicken soup with dumpling

  92. Parsnip and carrot broth. Spicy!

  93. Tomato

  94. Scotch broth for me

  95. I love homemade pea and ham soup

  96. tomato

  97. Moroccan chickpea

  98. My favourite soup is chicken

  99. richard scholfield

    Hot and sour

  100. carrot and coriander

  101. I love a sweetcorn soup! There’s a place opposite my work that does sweetcorn soup but only every now and then but I pop in every day just to check whether its a sweetcorn soup day or not. Time I learnt to make it myself! 🙂

  102. Love pea and ham soup x

  103. Squash and sweet potato 🙂

  104. Has to be spicy parsnip soup

  105. My fave soup is tomato and basil 🙂

  106. leek and potato

  107. Chicken

  108. Love Leek and Potato

  109. Vegetable soup

  110. stilton and brocolli

  111. Butternut squash and red pepper

  112. I love spicy butternut squash soup. Pea soup with bacon bits is also a firm favourite 🙂

  113. My grans Chicken Broth, was like Baxters only nicer.

  114. Cream of tomato

  115. roasted tomato and red pepper

  116. Clam Chowder

  117. homemade pumpkin and lentil

  118. Scotch Broth. Yummy.

  119. Anything with mushrooms

  120. Roast tomato soup

  121. French Onion

  122. Irish potato soup made with a Ham hock, (hard to source, but Morrisons still have them in their Bucheries)

  123. My favourite soup is Pumpkin and carrot soup.

  124. cauliflower soup yummy

  125. my fave is potato and leek

  126. Chicken and Sweetcorn

  127. Broccoli and Stilton

  128. Butternut Squash Soup, Jamie Olivers Dads recipe, simply scrummy and so moreish xxxx

  129. Vegetable with a tomato base

  130. Butternut squash

  131. Left overs soup – always the best

  132. Sweet Potato and Tuna chowder

  133. Tomato and basil

  134. scotch broth

  135. I love a chunky vegetable soup using whatever vegetables I have available.

  136. carrot and coriander is my favourite

  137. Leek and Potato

  138. Blue Cheese and Brocelli for me

  139. Carrot and carriander

  140. leek and potato

  141. I love tomato soup

  142. Pea and Ham is my favourite!

  143. Lentil Soup

  144. Pam Francis Gregory

    Chicken and Sweetcorn

  145. Pea and Ham

  146. Butternut squash and sweet potato

  147. Curried parsnip

  148. I love pea, bacon and mint

  149. Tomato and Basil

  150. My favourite is butternut squash

  151. Wild mushroom

  152. tomato

  153. Minestrone homemade

  154. carrot and corriander

  155. Mushroom Soup

  156. My favourite soup is: homemade leek, potato and broccoli soup. It is simply delicious and really healthy.
    Thank you for the chance

  157. Chicken and Vegetable

  158. Spicy parsnip sprinkled with chilli flakes

  159. mushroom

  160. I do like a bowl of lentil soup with crusty bread

  161. Homemade tomato and red pepper

  162. roasted red pepper and tomato soup

  163. chicken and vegetables with Indian spices

  164. My favourite is Minestrone

  165. Carrot and ginger

  166. Pea and ham

  167. Broccoli and Stilton! Yummm!!

  168. Chunky vegetable

  169. I love potato and leek soup 🙂

  170. My mums Butternut Squash soup is out of this world!

  171. Leek and potato x x x

  172. I absolutely love seasonal roast vegetable soup.

  173. My very favourite homemade soup has to be spicy butternut squash soup.
    A use a Base of chicken stock in this soup.It is enjoyed by many.A proper winter warmer. Low on calories and super cheap and easy to make.
    Divine .
    The book looks amazing

  174. I love carrot and coriander!

  175. Leek and potato!

  176. Cockaleekie

  177. My all time favourite is broccoli and stilton home made is the best

  178. Piping hot Oxtail

  179. My favourite has to be Pea and Ham 🙂

  180. Potato and leek for me

  181. mushroom

  182. leek and potato

  183. Bit of an old school classic but I love a good minestrone!

  184. amanda greensmith

    Butternut squash and red pepper

  185. Love bacon and lentil x

  186. French Onion Soup 🙂

  187. Cauliflower soup

  188. Tomato and Basil

  189. Mushroom

  190. Chicken soup 🙂

  191. I have two favourites at this time of year. Either sweet potato or roasted butternut squash. Nom nom!

  192. Love a carrot and lentil , and a vegetable soup made from leftovers can be amazing

  193. Pea and Ham

  194. Mine is my dad’s homemade chicken broth.

  195. my favourite soup is tomato x

  196. Butternut Squash & Chili 🙂

  197. I love Clam Chowder but haven’t had it since I was in the states

  198. Samantha McDonough

    Has to be tomato soup, with fresh bread and some pepper.

  199. Cream of chicken and mushroom

  200. italian minestrone

  201. Cream of Tomato is my favourite MmmmMmmm

  202. I cannot get enough of home made butternut squash and red pepper soup…perfect with a few chilli flakes in too!

  203. I love lentil soup it’s just my stomach that doesn’t agree with it x

  204. Broccoli and Stilton

  205. Cream of celeriac

  206. I love Butternut Squash soup.

  207. broccoli and stilton

  208. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Homemade Tomato and basil soup with crusty bread.

  209. Carrot and cumin, recently discovered but delicious!!

  210. Chicken x

  211. Chicken soup.

  212. Asparagus.

  213. Roast pepper, butternut squash and sweet potato

  214. Tomato & Brown Lentil soup

  215. leek and potato !

  216. Hearty Winter Vegetable

  217. Phillip James Davies

    Welsh Cawl! ;-P

  218. Thai noodle soup! With coconut and coriander….mmmm

  219. TOMATO! Deliciousness

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