Bristol riding high in Britain’s Pub Capitals list…

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Britain's Pub Capitals


Where’s the best city in the UK for a pub trip? It depends on many factors, but if you’re after sheer quantity, take a look at this data from Aira and Liberty Games, which shows which parts of Britain have the highest pub density.

The Britain’s Pub Capitals chart was compiled by using Get The Data’s list of pubs (derived from the Food Standard Agency’s Food Hygiene Ratings and the ONS Postcode Directory) and area data for council districts. Each pub featured in the list was assigned to a district based on their registered address. The number of pubs for each district was then divided by the total area to work out the number of pubs, on average, per square mile.

But who comes out top?

In first place it’s Portsmouth, with 12 pubs per square mile – almost double London’s average, putting our capital city in 4th place. Liverpool is in second place with 11 pubs per square mile – and Bristol is actually joint third with Brighton and Hove and Norwich, averaging ten pubs per square mile.

You can see the full results here.

According to the data, Bristol is home to 444 pubs in total, and I love the fact that there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s the kittens at the Bag of Nails, the chance to drink on a boat at The Grain Barge or The Apple, or the hidden real ale gem that is The Cornubia, I love how much variety our city has to offer!

Which is your favourite pub in Bristol, and why?



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