The best family-friendly coffee shops in Bristol – February 2019

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The best family-friendly coffee shops in Bristol


Having kids doesn’t need to mean completely letting go of your social life! Bristol is an incredibly family-friendly city, from attractions like Bristol Zoo and the Aquarium, to classes, theatre productions and more to keep little ones entertained.

But what about things that keep parents entertained too? In a new series of posts, we’re taking a look at Bristol’s best family-friendly drinking and dining establishments, as chosen by Bristol Bites readers. We’re kicking off with the city’s best family-friendly coffee shops and cafés…

Family-friendly coffee shops in Bristol…

For @tiny_teapot on Twitter, there are three favourites. Boston Tea Party, the Thali in Easton and St Mark’s Café all get her vote, with BTP in particular a “dependable choice, especially with a very little one”.

@itsginajones also has three recommendations. “Grounded Sandy Park Road, Bocabar and Windmill Hill City Farm Café for me!”, she says. “All breastfeeding friendly and great children’s menus. The farm in particular caters well for kids and even gives little crudités with their food in case it’s too hot to eat”.

Windmill Hill City Farm is a popular choice – it was also recommended by Rose C on Facebook. “My faves are Windmill Hill City Farm Café, St Werburghs City Farm Café and Neck of the Woods (in St Werburghs Community Centre). They all have interesting but kid-friendly children’s food options, some toys and books and are very welcoming to littl’uns.”

Over in Totterdown, @rubytuesday2980 recommends Fox & West. She describes it as a “great shop with lovely staff, somewhere to sit for a cuppa & cake, toys incl mini trolleys & baskets… my two year old asks to go there!”

If you’re out Redfield way, @iamfleece has a recommendation for you, too. “The Faraway Tree on Church Rd in Redfield. 2/3 cafe, 1/3 dressing up box. Great for letting them run riot while you get fed & watered.”


The Faraway Tree Redfield

Image from The Faraway Tree’s Facebook page


BS8 parents should, says Erica P on Facebook, make time to check out Spire Coffee House at Christ Church Clifton. “Open 4 days a week, it has toys and kids’ tables. They run a playgroup in the cafe on Monday mornings. About the only baby friendly café where you can sit on the floor comfortably and they will bring the coffee to you! I highly recommend. Especially when you have really little ones, trying to sit at tables can be hazardous so it’s always a relief to dispense with chairs/tables and just sit on the floor!”

Back towards the city centre, @mrsekj says, “We like the café in the Bristol Museum, there’s a little enclosed play area for toddlers. And if you’re further out of the city centre, @hannahjames40 has recommendations out Warmley way. “We have Bitton Railway and cafe. It’s on a cycle route too. So is and The Trading Post, Oldland Common.


So there we have it. Plenty of recommendations for family-friendly coffee shops throughout Bristol that will cater to the entire family. Do you have a favourite? If so, let us know in the comments!


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