Ration Challenge 2019: Day 7 (the final day!)

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And so, the final day of my 2019 Ration Challenge begins. Throughout, people have asked me, “What’s the first meal you’re planning on enjoying after it’s finished?” And in all honesty, I have no idea. Earlier on in the week, I’d have said a big, juicy, fresh fruit salad, but as the days have gone by, I’ve found myself getting less and less excited about food – even my trusted favourites aren’t really appealing.

Plus I also knew I still had two more meals to get through – with the added challenge of the in-laws visiting and bringing tempting goodies like cake and cheese – before I could even start to think about what I’d do once the challenge was over.

Ration Challenge Day 7 was all about tactics. I wanted to make sure I ate my first meal as close as possible to when they arrived, so I was full and as un-tempted as possible by whatever treats they turned up with. So, at 11.35 I chopped the rest of the onion that was in the fridge and fried it up, removing half of it from the pan to save for later before adding my leftover cooked rice from the night before plus – you guessed it – salt and paprika. I don’t know whether I’m getting used to eating this way or I’m just appreciating that I’m nearly back to “normal” food, but it actually tasted pretty good.


Ration Challenge Day 7 - Onion Fried Rice


I ate that before the in-laws arrived, and stuck to water for the rest of the afternoon. They were staying at an Airbnb, and the mother-in-law had prepared a vegan chilli with rice for them all for their evening meal…and funnily enough, I wasn’t that fussed about sitting and watching them eat mounds of rice…

Instead, I took with me a box filled with basically everything bar rice that I had left over…and what a feast it was! The other half of my halloumi reward, the rest of my tinned sardines, some cooked chopped onion, a spoonful of hummus and a couple of basic flour/water/salt crepes. I’m well aware that it doesn’t look great, but with so many different flavours in one meal, it tasted like a true feast after the last seven days!


Ration Challenge Day 7 - Everything Left


And that was it. My challenge week was complete. I’d been asked throughout the week what my first meal post-challenge would be, and it ended up being a salad and some fruit for lunch – my body was crying out for fresh produce.

Taking part in the Ration Challenge was certainly an eye-opening experience. I’m pleased to say that I raised over £450 for Concern Worldwide, which will feed three refugees for an entire year. Pretty shocking, considering how much we spend on food each week…

I also lost 5lb in a single week, which shows just how little I was eating compared with normal. I’m a healthy BMI, too – I didn’t *need* to lose that weight…how do refugees in camps in Jordan fare living on so little for so long…not just in terms of weight, but in terms of nutrition, too?

My sponsorship page is open till August 2019, if anyone would like to contribute to the cause. And I’ll definitely consider taking part in this Ration Challenge again next year…I’m amazed at how supportive my friends, family and colleagues have been – and how much awareness it’s raised of the plight of these people. Well done to everyone else who took part, too!


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