Arrogant Sour Festival comes to Moor Beer this July

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Arrogant Sour Festival comes to Moor Beer this July


From July 12th to 14th, the Arrogant Sour Festival will be heading to Moor Beer on Days Road for its first international edition.

Normally taking place in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia, the eight-year-old festival stemmed from founder ‘Alle’ Alessandro Belli’s passion for sour beers, food and friendship. The publican began his career as a sommelier and master of cheese, but soon diverted his attentions and talents into running pubs and associated events that centred on top quality beer and food.

So, why Bristol? Well, Alle and Moor Beer’s Justin Hawke have known and collaborated with each other over the years, co-running events that have involved music, food, tattoos, donkeys and always plenty of beer…

Speaking of the decision, Alle said, “The Sour Family is my life. The collective passion we bring creates a unique atmosphere. To live it only once a year is not enough. We want to spread the love, and where better than in the wonderful city of Bristol, with my brother Justin from Moor Beer. We have done many great things together over the years – always for love, never for money. Now we will grow the Family and take our philosophy to even more people.  It is a crazy idea, but we are crazy people. And Arrogant!”

Justin replied, “Alle calls and we answer. Sure there will be a groundbreaking selection of amazing food and beer. But it is the atmosphere and friendships built that make this truly unique, why people flock to it from all over the world every year. We may not be a historic building, but there are many parallels between Bristol and Reggio Emilia – the food, the independence, the love for gathering and celebrating. We are looking forward to creating more bridges.”  The relationships and connections that the festival creates are those of an extended family and #sourfamily is the motto of the festival and its devotees.

The festival will take place at Moor Beer from 12th-14th July – with a rotating range of almost 200 sour beers and a special bottle shop. There’s going to be all sorts of food on offer too (including from Bristol Cheese Monger), along with tutored workshops on different themes, featuring sour beers from all across the globe.

You can see more info on the Arrogant Sour Festival draught beer list – including live updates on what’s currently on – here: And for workshop and skip the queue tickets, click here.

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