Grounded, Bedminster Parade: Review

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I’ve barely been out to eat or drink since lockdown started in March – mainly because I still don’t feel 100% confident in being in crowded places. We still do most of our shopping online, but there’s one place I definitely feel 100% comfortable with my toddler.

That place is Grounded on Bedminster Parade: a place where there’s plenty of distance between tables, a screen up at the counter, sanitiser and blue roll on a table by the front door, no need to touch cutlery, sauces or similar handled by other people, names and numbers taken when dining or drinking in…it feels like they’re doing everything by the book. And it’s a family-friendly place too: one which I used to go to regularly with my little boy before lockdown began.

Even at two-and-a-half, he already recognises where we’re likely to be heading as we walk through the Asda Bedminster car park, and there’s always one thing on his mind: a babyccino. Priced at 50p each and served in a china espresso cup with cocoa sprinkled on the top and mini marshmallows on the side, it’s a real treat for him that I now also have to replicate at home.

Me? I normally go for a latte – decently made, although a little on the weak side compared to other Bristol coffee shops – or, more recently, an iced frappé (£3.60), to which you have the option to add one of a huge range of coffee syrups. It’s a refreshing way to stay caffeinated enough to be in charge of a toddler.


Grounded Bedminster - Babyccino

Grounded Bedminster - Iced Coffee and Babyccino


The last few times we’ve been to Grounded, I’ve gone down the panini route – mainly because it’s something that’s easy to eat while supervising Oscar’s lunch! My favourite is probably the streaky bacon and brie with cranberry sauce (£6.95), but I also love the mozzarella and tomato (£5.50) – just be aware that the last time I ordered, it contained pesto, which wasn’t specified on the menu. Grounded’s paninis are always generously filled and perfectly toasted – they’re a good shout for a quick and simple yet tasty lunch!


Grounded Bedminster - Brie and Bacon Panini

Grounded Bedminster - Mozzarella and Tomato Panini


There’s a separate kids’ menu at Grounded – and we’ve been working our way through it. The kids’ full English (£4) is a great idea: choose three items from a list of brunch ingredients, which arrive served with toast and butter.

Less of a hit with Oscar, sadly, were the fish fingers (£3.95). While he demolished the chips and peas with gusto, the fish fingers themselves were full of what looked like cheap off-cuts of fish, some of them quite chewy and unpleasant.

The pizzas, though? He’s a huge fan. A pineapple lover by nature, his favourite is the Hamakin Pizzawalker (£5.95), with ham, pineapple, cheese and tomato. The slices are easy to pick up, the bases are a beautiful consistency, and the toppings are generous and of a decent quality.

Not only that, but he also enjoys the leftovers cold the next day…a whole kids’ pizza is too much for him on his own in one go!


Grounded Bedminster - Kids Fish Fingers

Grounded Bedminster - Kids Hawaiian Pizza

Grounded Bedminster - Leftover Pizza


With its family-friendly nature, adherence to COVID-19 protocol, varied menu, friendly staff and, of course, its participation in the Eat Out To Help Out scheme, it’s no wonder Grounded on Bedminster Parade is one of our regular haunts. And with babyccino dates a weekly occurrence, it’s no wonder it’s one of his favourites too…


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