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Stories written by 5 pocket friendly diamond ring designs you can buy this Christmas
  Christmas time is here and we are looking forward to food, gatherings and gifts. Jewellery is an excellent gift for yourself or someone close to you. Now we understand that Christmas means more expenses and you have to get gifts for many, decorate and also buy food. So, if you are looking at diamond jewellery it must be pocket friendly. Pocket friendly shouldn’t mean less quality - some designs have diamonds and aren’t too expensive. Diamond rings are generally on the lesser price side and here are some pocket friendly designs that you can buy for Christmas gifting. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Baguette channel ring _____________________________________________________________________________________________ A channel set ring is a design type that has diamonds on its shoulders. The stones are set inside a cut channel and sometimes have a lip around to keep the stones secured. The diamonds used are small and if they are baguette cut then they become baguette channel rings. The stones are set in grooves that are cut into the metal band. It is a classic style and with baguette diamonds looks really good on the fingers. Choose any precious metal – gold, platinum or rose gold, all will be good with this style. The diamonds are small and one doesn’t have to shell big bucks for it. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Solitaire _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Solitaires have a timeless beauty and have been a classic design used over the years. The ring will have a single diamond on the metal band at the centre and is usually supported by six or four prongs. The claws grip the stone to keep it in place. The metal band can be thick or thin and this is a simple, elegant design. The single diamond is the attention seeker of this design and so the stone must be beautiful. It doesn’t have to be large, but a small, well-cut diamond will make the ring fantastic. Solitaires are also a favourite among engagement rings Hatton Garden. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Tiny heart ring _____________________________________________________________________________________________ A mini heart ring is a special design and will make a nice gift for someone you love and care for. This ring has a small heart shaped diamond at the centre, somewhat like a solitaire. It is a single stone, but heart-shaped. Because the stone is small it will have to have a brilliance that attracts attention. It can be set on any metal of your choice and will make the budget too. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Multi strand ring _____________________________________________________________________________________________ A multi strand ring has more than one strand on the top half. The bottom half is still a single strand or band. But on the top, it can be split into two, three or four parallel strands. Each strand will hold a tiny diamond arranged either at the same place or at equal distances. The strands don’t have to be straight – they can be curved or of any other style to make them different and unique. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Cluster diamond ring _____________________________________________________________________________________________ A cluster diamond ring is a perfect example of a design that make sparkle and have lots of bling while still being within budget. Small diamonds are clustered together, often to give an impression of a large stone. But it just looks like one large stone, but is in fact, made from many small ones. If you are planning a date with your partner, pick a cluster ring and it will make a cool surprise.

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