Gourmet Burger Kitchen via Deliveroo: Review

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Last week we placed our second order via Deliveroo: a home food delivery service that launched on March 30th, delivering dishes from restaurants that don’t normally offer such a service.

Our first order – from Tampopo – was pretty impressive, and we were keen to see how different restaurants serving different types of food compared.

Other Bristol delivery services (naming no names) have struggled to deliver meals of burgers and chips in the past, with the former collapsing and the latter being stone cold before arriving. With Deliveroo promising a food travel time of no more than 7 minutes for each order, we were interested to see if they had the same problem…

I’d registered an account on the Deliveroo website when I had placed our previous order, so logged back into the system to place our order from Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It was interesting to see that the Deliveroo website had remembered our previous order and asked if we wanted to order it again – a nice personalised touch.

There were two minor niggles when ordering from the site, though: firstly, the system hadn’t remembered the first two lines of my address, which I had to re-type – and secondly, I received no fewer than five confirmation emails that told me that my order had been accepted.

Our previous order from Tampopo had been ordered to arrive “ASAP” – this time, we decided to order for a set time of 7.30 to see how well the Deliveroo service worked. Our food turned up at 7.25, so we can’t complain.

Again, the order tracking system let us know of our order’s progress, and again, our delivery driver was pleasant and friendly. Again, the packaging wasn’t branded with the Deliveroo branding but with the familiar GBK logo – and again, our food was still lovely and hot.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen via Deliveroo - Order Accepted

The burgers were still recognisable as burgers, rather than having become fashionably “deconstructed” en route, packaged well in thick cardboard boxes that flattened out completely when opened, allowing us to pick up the burgers with ease. My Camemburger (£9.75) was still slightly pink in the middle (I approve), with the patty well-seasoned and nicely charred on the outside. The firm brioche held together well, while I was impressed with GBK’s generosity on the Camembert front – the cheese nicely melted and oozing out of the sides of the bun. The whole thing was topped off with truffle mayo, onion jam, relish and a big and fluffy hash brown – maybe not the most healthy option, but certainly a satisfying one…


Gourmet Burger Kitchen via Deliveroo - Camemburger


Chris ordered The Don (£9.75) – an equally impressive burger in an equally impressive bun, topped with American cheese and Gorgonzola, baconnaise, pickled onion, rocket, mayo and onion jam. Epic.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen via Deliveroo - The Don


We both also ordered a portion of GBK’s much-loved sweet potato fries (£3.95), served in paper bags which made us a little wary that their heat may have not been retained. No need to worry, though: they were perfectly hot and crispy and served with a pot of baconnaise which was full of flavour.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen via Deliveroo - Sweet Potato Fries


We were also swayed by a side of blue cheese slaw (£3.25) which neither of us had tried before…it was a revelation. Served in a cardboard box, the vegetables were lovely and crunchy, the blue cheese punchy as it should be, and the chillies and jalapeños adding a bit of heat.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen via Deliveroo - Blue Cheese Slaw


It’s safe to say that we were impressed – not only by the quality of GBK’s offerings, but also with the Deliveroo service. It’s a shame that (at the time of writing) they only deliver to the city centre and Clifton, but they also have plans to expand…watch this space!


Please note: our order was discounted, but this in no way impacted on our opinion. We were not obliged to write a positive review, and the venue did not see this review before it was put up on the site.


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