Better Food funds new Wapping Wharf store

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Better Food


Better Food, Bristol’s organic and ethical independent grocer, has been raising money through a financial bond to help fund a new, third store planned for the new Wapping Wharf development. The bond proved very enticing to investors, and the full amount has been raised in just ten days.

With the help of Triodos Bank and other partners, the team at Better Food has raised the target amount of £350,000 in an incredibly short window of time: investment met completion quicker than any of the team expected, as the bond offer was planned to be open for the whole month of March. Offers of investment have come from Better Food’s local produce suppliers, investors from across the UK and beyond, and from Better Food’s customers themselves.

“We are really excited that in just ten days we have fully funded our bond for our third shop,” said Phil Haughton, Founder and MD for Better Food. “What makes it extra special is that we worked with like-minded partners to find like-minded investors to help us take a step closer our goal of ‘building a better, fairer food community’ in Bristol. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our new store very soon.”

The new store is due to open in late May, so the Better Food team have an exciting spring and summer to look forward to.

“Our partners, especially Triodos Bank, have done a fantastic job in helping us on this journey,” adds Phil Haughton. “The Better Food Bond was developed with a team of local and ethical partners including Triodos, Ethex, Bates Wells Braithwaite and Eat Cake Design. Thank you to everyone for your help and support on this journey.”


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